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Cheap Plastic 128 Cell Plug Flats Wholesale Supplier

After emergence, use a scraper to flatten, then use a pressure point device to press a hole(wholesale nursery pots), 0.5 to 1.0 cm deep, and 1-2 seeds per hole. After sowing, cover with a mixture of vermiculite and perlite 1:1, the thickness does not exceed the disk surface. The cell is clearly visible. After the sowing is completed, the seedling tray is sprayed with water (water is dripped from the bottom hole of the tray). The mulch film is placed in the nursery room for germination in the high temperature season(128 cell plant trays bulk), and placed in the germination chamber to germination in the spring. Ensure that the seedlings are neat.

(Cheap Plastic 128 Cell Plug Flats Wholesale Supplier)Chinese cabbage has a cool climate, seeds can germinate at 4 ~ 35 ° C(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), suitable temperature is 18 ~ 22 ° C, can be properly shaded in high temperature season; from sowing to emergence, the substrate water content should be maintained at 85% of the maximum water holding capacity ~ 90%. The temperature of the germination chamber can be set to 20-22 °C. During the germination process, a tray is needed to change the seedling trays at different positions(162 cell plug trays supplier). The seedbed germination can also be used to lift the tray code and cover the whole body with plastic film.

In the hot season, the germination time of Chinese cabbage is about 3 days(plug trays wholesale). Before the seed “top soil”, the film is promptly uncovered and transferred to the seedbed of the nursery room for management. Ensure that there is 1 seedling in each hole, and the whole seedlings are neatly developed. It is best to carry out the seedlings and the seedlings in the cloudy or evening to facilitate the slow seedlings(200 cell plug trays supplier). When the seedlings are in the same direction, the seedlings are divided into normal seedlings, seedlings and cavities, and then the seedlings are adjusted to grow uniform seedlings.

(Cheap Plastic 128 Cell Plug Flats Wholesale Supplier)From the cotyledon to the two leaves, keep the water content of the substrate as 75% to 80% of the maximum water holding capacity(black plastic nursery pots); from the two leaves to the commercial seedlings, the water content should be kept at 70% to 75%. Generally, water is sprayed once every 1-2 days. The water content of the substrate can be controlled by the number of sprays, but it should be noted that each spray must be sprayed through. After the two leaves of Chinese cabbage seedlings are combined with water spray for foliar spray application(105 cell plant trays bulk), the general-purpose 1000 times solution of Ruilai Fertilizer can be used for sprinkler irrigation.

After the general-purpose fertilizer was sprinkled twice(plastic nursery pots wholesale), the rye fertilizer high calcium and magnesium type was replaced once to enhance the disease resistance and stress resistance of the seedlings. There is a need to increase the amount of high calcium magnesium type to reduce the general application, ie, universal and high calcium magnesium type alternate application. After sprinkling, it is advisable to rinse the leaves with water at high temperatures to avoid damage to the leaves caused by residual fertilizer after evaporation(72 cell plant trays bulk). Sprinkle the sub-universal nutrient solution 600 times before the sputum, which is conducive to slow seedling after planting.

(Cheap Plastic 128 Cell Plug Flats Wholesale Supplier)The suitable temperature for seedling growth is 20~25°C, which can withstand the monthly average temperature of 22~25°C(plastic nursery pots). The seedlings can generally pass the vernalization effect after springing at 10°C for about 25 days. The external temperature is lower than 10°C. Warm up, at the same time pay attention to night heat preservation; in summer to prevent high temperature hazard during the nursery, cover the sky with a sunshade for 2 to 3 hours at noon(50 cell plug trays supplier). The shading net is not covered for 3 to 5 days before planting, so that the seedlings can be adapted to exercise under natural conditions.

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