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Cheap Plastic 15 Gallon Plant Pot Suppliers In China

Taxus is a kind of widely used tree species, and it also has the name of "living fossil in the plant kingdom"(5 gallon nursery pots). It can be seen how long it has lived. The high-grade bonsai made of Taxus cuspidata and treated with dwarfing technology has a simple and elegant shape, compact but not dense branches and leaves, and has a high ornamental value(nursery pots). Although yew is so precious, but the price of yew is not expensive.

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Nitrogen fertilizer can promote the growth of flowers, branches and leaves(200 cell seed trays wholesale); phosphorus fertilizer can promote the formation of flowers and fruits; potassium fertilizer can promote the growth of stems and roots. Because bonsai is in a limited space. In the Limited cultivation soil, the organic matter is decomposed into inorganic salt by bacteria and absorbed by roots(1.5 gallon pots). With the consumption of Taxus growth, the nutrients in the pot soil are gradually lacking, resulting in insufficient supply for growth.

(cheap plastic 15 gallon plant pot suppliers in china)Only when the leaf color becomes light, the plant is thin, the leaf is yellow and white, the tip of the leaf appears "dry burning edge", when the leaves fall off early(200 cell seedling trays wholesale), apply 1000 times solution of urea and potassium sulfate 800 times solution of high-quality compound fertilizer to remove the sediment(nursery plant containers), it is better to use the water of bean cake fertilizer (about 10% - 15%) which is fully decomposed to avoid the trunk, and try to The amount was applied along the basin wall, once a half month.

The root rot and stem rot are caused by the obstruction of basin soil ventilation(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). In a week when conditions permit, it is beneficial for the growth of Taxus chinensis to move its bonsai to the balcony in the evening to receive dew and put it in the sun for about one or two hours in the morning to receive light (before 10:00 in the morning), and then pour it into the basin soil, so as to improve its disease resistance(25 gallon plastic pots). Pay attention not to miss or pour more water. 

In summer and Autumn Festival, it is necessary to prevent the sun from directly shining on the yew through the window(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale), once every month or so, so as to prevent the high temperature from burning the leaves and affecting the ornamental value. At the same time, all the life activities of flowers and trees should be carried out with the participation of water(7 gallon plant pot). Water can maintain the expansion pressure of cells and straighten the branches and leaves.(cheap plastic 15 gallon plant pot suppliers in china)

When the surface of the soil turns white, the soil is hard when you press it with your fingers(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). There is a circle of cracks between the basin and the soil. Tap the middle and upper part of the basin with your fingers to make a "Bangbang" sound. When the young leaves of the new shoots are wilting, water the basin soil(2 gallon pots). Water is an important part of the body of flowers and trees. No matter photosynthesis or transpiration, water is indispensable. 

Zinc in pot soil structure is one of the essential microelements for plants after fertilization, which indirectly affects the synthesis of auxin in the plant(50 cell seed starter trays). When the crop is lack of zinc, the auxin content in the stem and bud decreases, the growth is stagnant, and the plant is short(10 gallon planter). Zinc is also an activator of many enzymes, the edge of the leaf, which is helpful for photosynthesis through its wide influence on carbon and nitrogen metabolism of plants.(cheap plastic 15 gallon plant pot suppliers in china)

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