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Flowers at home present these symptoms, so you have to change pots(cheap plastic plant pots bulk)! Some flower lovers have to ask, when is it necessary to change pots? Don't worry. If you present the following symptoms, you must change pots! Take the flowers at home and have a look(200 cell seed trays wholesale). If you find that the root system has drilled out the bottom of the pot, or the root system is too many, it will burst the pot Now, we have to change the pots for the flowers.

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Touch the surface of the basin soil as hard as a pimple, this is the soil hardening, we must change the basin for flowers(sureroot plug trays bulk). If the flowers at home often have yellow leaves and rotten roots, or the leaves become thinner and smaller, or even do not grow in 1-2 years, it is basically necessary to change a basin for it(plastic cell trays supplier). Not all flowers are suitable for changing pots in spring, there are several special circumstances, we must pay attention to!(cheap plastic greenhouse trays and pots manufacturer)

It can damage the root system, cause the whole flower bud to lose light, and even cause the plant to die(large plastic terracotta pots). If the flower in the family is just in the basin and is in the slow seedling stage, then do not change the basin again. Because the flower root system in the slow seedling stage has not grown well(3.54inch plastic nursery pots), changing the basin again can cause secondary injury, which leads to the growth of the slow seedling stage and even the death of the plant.

Think about it carefully. It's getting warmer recently(plastic plant trays wholesale). You've probably forgotten to change pots! So when we usually water the flowers, they can't penetrate. If the flowers at home are blooming now, we should not rush to change pots. If it's like a slow growing flower, it's usually enough to change the basin once every 2-3 years(32 cell seed trays wholesale). If you want to recycle the old soil before you use it, the flowers in your house will come to swish and grow.(cheap plastic greenhouse trays and pots manufacturer)

To change pots for flowers at home, it's best to choose a suitable temperature(gallon pot). Generally, it's OK to stop changing pots when the temperature is about 15 ℃, to choose from March to may in spring and September to October in autumn. Most of the flowers are usually replaced once or twice a year(seed starting trays wholesale). If it is more than twice, it will repeatedly damage the root system, causing slow growth of flowers and plants, infection of bacteria and rotten roots, etc.

It is necessary to put the old soil in the sun for disinfection(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), or mix it with carbendazim for disinfection, or even heat it in the microwave oven for a few minutes to kill the bacteria and insect eggs in the old soil. Of course, the way to change pots is different(3.54inch plastic plant pots). Come and have a look with the flowers. Many of the flowers in spring are woody flowers, such as rose, bougainvillea, gardenia, camellia, etc. It's enough to change pots once every 2-3 years.

(cheap plastic greenhouse trays and pots manufacturer)In this way, it's better not to worry about it(square grow pots). So before you change the basin, if you use the new soil you bought in my house, you don't need to do this step. But why don't the yellow leaves and rotten roots in some flower friends' houses grow? If you find that the water will not be absorbed or the water will accumulate in the basin after watering(3.94inch plastic plant pots), if you change it at this time Basin, so the flowers at home are different, and then fill.

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