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Until the water penetrates into the whole pot of soil(112 cell trays bulk), then place the pot in a cool place, avoiding the dry environment caused by direct sunlight causing the water to evaporate too quickly. Later, after the cuttings of the peony cymbidium branches have successfully grown new shoots, they can be transferred to a warmer, well-lit area. After that, it is only necessary to keep the soil moist, and water the peony orchids regularly(plastic nursery pots). In principle, no water can be accumulated in the basin.

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(bulk buy cheap planting pots for seedlings uk)Come and see with us today how to pruning peony orchids(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). If you want to make your own peony stalks more branches, you can consider the core. In the winter, it is necessary to pay attention to timely trimming off some unhealthy paper strips such as diseased branches, stacked branches, and branches, thin branches, aging branches, inward growing branches and long branches(black plastic nursery pots). The correction of plant type can be based on I love casual architecture and there are no rules of the norm.

After that, 40% of omethoate is diluted into a 1000-fold solution or 50% of malathion is diluted into 1500 solution for control(20 cell trays bulk). In addition, red spider is also one of the pests and diseases of peony spider orchid. Although it is rare, it can be very harmful once it occurs. It is understood that the insect mainly harms the leaves of the plant, causing yellowish white spots on the leaves of the peony sylvestris(plug trays wholesale), which gradually turn red and then spread to the whole leaf, and even cause the leaves to curl and the yellow leaves fall off.

(bulk buy cheap planting pots for seedlings uk)To say the pests and diseases of peony spider orchid(50 cell seedling trays wholesale), the most common is root rot, which is mainly caused by water in the basin and poor ventilation. Symptoms: The roots rot and the leaves are yellow and fall off until they die. Control method: If the above-mentioned symptoms are found, 50% carbendazim WP 500 times solution can be sprayed, or the root can be directly irrigated once a week(wholesale nursery pots). When the disease is serious, the peony spider orchid is pulled out to remove the rotten root part. Change the soil and change the pot to replant.

The insect mainly harms leaves and buds and absorbs a large amount of juice, resulting in poor growth of the plants(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). Prevention and treatment method: When the above symptoms are found, the application of 70% of the zinc is diluted to 600 times solution for spraying prevention, once every 15-20 days, 2-3 can be effective. Of course, you should not be afraid to find that the peony sylvestris is sick, and you can solve it according to the above prevention and treatment methods(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Xiaobian introduced this to it, hoping to bring help to everyone.

(bulk buy cheap planting pots for seedlings uk)Control method: Move the plants to a ventilated place, cut off the diseased leaves to reduce the source of the insects(288 cell trays bulk); Prevention and treatment method: After the discovery of the red spider, 40% of the dicofol emulsifiable concentrate 1500-2000 times spray can be used for prevention and control. Spray once every 7 days, spray 2-3 times, the effect is good. In general, in the process of breeding peony orchids(plastic nursery pots wholesale), as long as you place it in a ventilated place, and be careful not to pour too much water, it will not be affected by pests and diseases.

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