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Cheap Square Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers China

If the soil is too alkaline, which is not conducive to the growth of acid flowers(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), 0.1% ferrous sulfate can be added to the water and fertilizer, and then poured into the pot soil to reduce the alkalinity; on the contrary, if the soil acidity is too high(cheapest 2 gallon pots), which is not conducive to the growth of neutral or alkaline flowers, a small amount of lime water or plant ash can be added to the soil to improve the alkalinity and reduce the acidity.

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Soilless cultivation method, instead of the traditional method of planting flowers with soil, uses odorless fertilizer, vermiculite and perlite as media(propagation tray). The latter only needs to be rinsed with water to remove the salty and alkaline taste. Yellow sand can be divided into river sand and sea sand. In addition, because of the existence of water, flowers can regulate body temperature(half gallon nursery pots wholesale). Watering potted flowers is a basic work of raising flowers.(cheap square plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers china)

The method is as follows: take a small amount of culture soil and put it into a glass cup or spoon first(plug trays). The "raw soil", gravel and lime rich Sanhe garbage soil dug out by the building unit from the deep underground are not suitable for flower cultivation. Sticky or alkaline heavy, easy to harden on, also not suitable for the cultivation of flowerpots, need to be frozen in winter after weathering or artificial performance can be used(gallon plant pots wholesale). If you water too little, the flowers will die.

With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of flower cultivation technology, especially soil cultivation method is gradually entering the family(gallon nursery pots). Generally speaking, vegetable garden soil and culture soil can be used after being exposed to the sun for preliminary disinfection(black plastic plant pots). If the drug disinfection is needed, formalin (40% formaldehyde solution) or 0.5% potassium permanganate can be sprayed into the wine soil for disinfection.

(cheap square plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers china)Soilless culture, also known as "nutrient solution cultivation" and "aseptic cultivation"(gallon plant pot), does not use soil to grow flowers, but uses other media instead, such as vermiculite, perlite, glass fiber, rock wool, stone, sand, gravel, ceramsite, etc. as the medium of cultivation(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), and then regularly add various nutrient solutions supplied on the market and prepared in advance as fertilizer to promote the growth and development of flowers.

In addition, the use of porcelain pots, glass bottles and other water culture containers, such as water culture, also belongs to the scope of ten soilless cultivation(cell trays). The biggest advantage of this cultivation method is that it is relatively clean and hygienic, easy to carry, convenient to manage, and is very suitable for the greening decoration of several cases in the family room(large plastic terracotta pots). At present, the basicity of basin soil can be determined by test paper.

What we get from fresh water is called river sand and what we get from beach is called sea sand(square grow pots). If you water too much or too frequently, you will die of rotten roots. This is the most troublesome problem for flower growers. The principle of potted flower watering should be: potted soil is not dry and not watered, watered thoroughly, between dry and wet, according to the season(plastic plant trays wholesale). Test paper is generally available in chemical reagent stores.(cheap square plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers china)

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