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Cheapest Heavy Duty Growing Trays Suppliers France

Each sample for inspection must be packed separately(200 cell trays bulk), fill in two labels, indicating the tree species, the number of the seed harvest registration form and the number of the application form for inspection, etc. Must be stored in a suitable place. In addition, part of the samples submitted for inspection shall be properly preserved for re-inspection(12.5cm plastic grow pots); thousand-grain weight refers to the weight of 1000 air-dried pure seeds in g.

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After the samples for inspection are packaged, they should be sent to the seed inspection unit as soon as possible together with the seed harvest registration form and the application form for inspection(112 cell trays bulk). If the sample is not representative of the whole, no matter how meticulous and accurate the inspection work is, the result cannot represent the quality of the entire batch of seeds, it is a waste of time(13cm plastic grow pots). The stored nutrient substance book, after planting, the bacteria will be neat and healthy.

(cheapest heavy duty growing trays suppliers france)After the seed inspection unit receives the samples for inspection, it shall register and conduct the inspection as soon as possible(288 cell trays bulk). Samples that cannot be checked at one time. Seed physical properties mainly refer to clarity, dry weight and water content. Clarity is the percentage of the weight of pure seeds in the total weight of each component of the measured sample(50 cell tray). One is placed in the package and the other is outside the package.

Complete, undamaged, normal-grown seeds, although they are not fully developed (such as thin, shrunken) but cannot be identified as empty seeds(20 cell trays bulk); although they have cracked mouth or germinated but still have the ability to germinate Can clearly identify empty grains, spoiled grains, and germinated seeds with loss of germination ability, severely damaged seeds and very seedless seeds(72 cell plug flats). Is suitable for seeds with small seeds and high fluidity.(cheapest heavy duty growing trays suppliers france)

The weight of seeds is usually expressed in thousand kernels(50 cell seed starter trays). Clarity is also an important factor to consider when storing seeds. By measuring the seed purity, you can identify whether there are other kinds of seeds and non-life impurities in the sample, so as to make preparations before storage. When determining the clarity, the key is to accurately determine the three components of pure seeds, waste seeds and inclusions(herb plug trays). It is one of the important indicators of seed quality inspection. 

(cheapest heavy duty growing trays suppliers france)From the samples sent for inspection, a part of the seeds directly used for a certain measurement is called a measurement sample(72 cell seed starter trays). Before sampling, the sampling personnel should understand the collection, processing and storage of the batch of seeds, and use the following sampling methods Take the initial sample and the mixed sample(32 cell tray), extract the sample for inspection and the sample for moisture content according to the weight prescribed by the state.

Therefore, the correctness of sampling has a great influence on the accuracy of seed quality inspection(18 cell seed starting trays). If there are many inclusions, strong hygroscopicity, and high water content, it will create conditions for the activity of the virus, which is not conducive to the maintenance of seed life. Refers to the seeds of other tree species that are not net seeds: cotyledons, scales, bracts, peels, seeds, seed fragments, soil clumps and other impurities(v13 nursery pots). Insect eggs, adults, larvae and bats.

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