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The field experiment results of the experimental seedlings in Beijing Forestry University show that the effect is different when the ratio of N, P and K is different(propagation tray). The best treatment was 3:2:1 (150 kg N + 100 kg P + 50 kg K). The seedling quality indexes (ground diameter, seedling height and dry weight) were significantly higher than other treatments(bulk 1.5 gallon pots), and the qualified seedling yield reached 2.12 million plants / ha, which was also the highest.

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The percentage of qualified seedlings with 4:2:1 was the lowest(plug trays). This indicated that the ratio of N, P and K was out of balance and the growth of seedlings was inhibited by too much ammonia. According to the relevant data, the following suggestions are put forward for the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium: nitrogen: Song: potassium = 4-1:3-1:1-0(seed starter trays). Potassium is more in the northern soil fill, so potassium fertilizer can not be applied. In particular, the former is mainly used for extra root dressing.(cheapest plastic plant pots manufacturers thailand)

The effect of fertilization depends on many factors, among which the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is one of the main factors(gallon nursery pots). The last time of topdressing should not be later than the suspension period between the two high growth peaks (for example, Beijing plain area in August). For the seedlings with full growth type, the same annual seeding(1 gallon plant pots distributor): for the seedlings with spring growth type, the focus is on the early stage of growth and the early stage of high growth and rapid growth.

(cheapest plastic plant pots manufacturers thailand)The specific time of topdressing is suggested as follows(gallon plant pot): generally, the topdressing period of annual seeding nitrogen should start from the early stage of seedling stage, with a small amount of topdressing for the first time. The next several times of topdressing should start from the second half of seedling stage to about one week before the first growth peak of high growth in fast-growing stage(black plastic plant pots), which is the "suitable period for topdressing".

The first application time of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer for the seedlings with more than two years old in spring is from the early stage of growth for the two growth types of seedlings(cell trays), one time of forced application of phosphorus fertilizer, and several times of application of nitrogen fertilizer in the later stage. If the proportion of the match is different, the effect will vary greatly(bulk 4 gallon pots). Generally, the potassium fertilizer starts to be fertilized from the early stage of rapid growth.

In order to promote the diameter and root growth of seedlings, the last nitrogen fertilizer can be applied before the rapid growth period of diameter and root(square nursery pots). In order to prevent the secondary high growth of pine in autumn, the amount of nitrogen fertilizer should not be too much(nursery plant pots). In the same year, the transplanting seedlings start to be fertilized from the later stage of survival, and the later stage of fertilizing refers to the bed seedlings.(cheapest plastic plant pots manufacturers thailand)

Potassium fertilizer should be applied in the survival period in the potassium deficient area(plastic grow pots). The application period of potash fertilizer also varies according to the species, which has been mentioned above. The number of qualified seedlings (1.945 million plants) and the quality index of seedlings of No.7 treatment with 100 kg of phosphorus per hectare accounted for the second place(3 gallon pots manufacturer). Both potassium dihydrogen phosphate and superphosphate are suitable for extra root topdressing.

(cheapest plastic plant pots manufacturers thailand)The number of qualified seedlings of No.8 and No.16 treatments with 350 kg of nitrogen per hectare was less than that of No.11 treatment with the best amount of nitrogen fertilizer(flat plastic tray), which was 26.1% and 20.4% less than that of No.11 treatment with the best amount of nitrogen fertilizer, respectively. Too much fertilization will inhibit the growth of seedlings, and the yield of qualified seedlings is low(cheap 2 gallon container). The times of topdressing are 3-4 times a year.

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