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Deep Nursery Plant Cell Plug Trays wholesale

Because Phalaenopsis has higher requirements on the soil environment, it should not be too sloppy when it is mixed with soil(flat plastic tray). It needs to be as permeable, breathable, permeable, resistant to corrosion and acid. The available substrates include pine needles, peanut shells and bark. In addition, the soil change work when changing pots also needs to be taken seriously(18 cell plug trays supplier). When the moth of the Phalaenopsis is exposed to a large amount of soil, we can consider changing it.(deep nursery plant cell plug trays wholesale)

The large amount of gas roots of Phalaenopsis has been exposed for a long time(square grow pots), which is also very unfavorable for the growth of plants. Therefore, this situation is that we should not hesitate to change the soil in order to maintain a good growth trend. Domestic butterfly orchids must master the correct fertilization method in order to achieve root, leaf, flower and avoid fertilizer(20 cell plug trays supplier). The principle of fertilization of Phalaenopsis is “thin and thin, and a small number of times”.

Do not increase the concentration without authorization(40 cell plug trays supplier). The number of fertilizations during the growing period is once a week or once every 10 days. The concentration of fertilization will gradually increase from seedlings to seedlings. In addition, the root fertilizer (referring to the fertilizer applied to the rhizosphere substrate) and the leaf fertilizer (referring to the top dressing applied to the leaf surface) are preferably applied alternately(seed planting trays wholesale).

(deep nursery plant cell plug trays wholesale)The buyers who do not understand the culture often like to buy the pots to buy home(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), so the death of flowers is the status quo of many people farming Phalaenopsis. Cut dry, black, moldy roots. Honestly, this can be difficult for me. Because in my opinion, although the roots are not green enough, they are mostly full(72 cell seed trays wholesale). If you don't go to the scissors, you will symbolically cut off some bad things.

The butterfly orchids sold on the market, the plant material is too tightly packed, and the water retention is too strong(gallon pot). When applying water-soluble quick-acting fertilizer, please pay attention to the dilution concentration according to the multiple specified in the manual(50 cell seed trays wholesale). However, when the sprouts grow, the demand for nitrogen fertilizer is more, but it needs to be combined with potash. Silk, clay balls and other materials.(deep nursery plant cell plug trays wholesale)

When flower buds are formed, phosphate fertilizer should be added to promote flower bud development(large plastic terracotta pots). Beginners should be appropriate for fertilization during flowering or flowering. In particular, it is not advisable to apply more nitrogen fertilizer, otherwise it will cause excess nutrients in the plant and stimulate vegetative growth(50 cell plant trays bulk), thereby shortening or offsetting the ongoing reproductive growth, causing the flower buds to fall early (the buds) or the flower buds to wither.

Fertilization should not be too much, too frequent, if the roots are a lot of mildew, this scissors can not be left behind(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Especially in the potting environment, Phalaenopsis needs to be changed every year. The common media are mainly wood chips, peat moss, water moss, etc(32 cell plant trays bulk). Even if it is not lazy, but it does not know how to prepare potting soil, in fact, Phalaenopsis likes The soft soil environment, so often keep the looseness of the soil is very favorable for its growth.

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