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Fabric 200 Gallon Grow Bags Wholesale Suppliers USA

Therefore, it is a safe, economic and effective method(51 cell trays bulk). In this paper, several insecticidal methods of chemical fertilizer are introduced. Ammonium bicarbonate, commonly known as gas fertilizer, has a strong insecticidal effect(128 cell trays). When planting sweet potato, potato and other crops, 15-25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate and farmyard manure are mixed into the soil per mu, which can reduce the damage of grub by 80%.

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The booting stage is the period with the most water demand(104 cell trays bulk). When planting vegetables, applying 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate per mu can greatly reduce the harm of root maggots, small land tigers and other underground pests. Ammonia is an alkaline fertilizer, which can kill insects and sterilize(2 gallon plastic pots). When Verticillium Wilt and Fusarium wilt occur in cotton, 40 kg ammonia water is applied with water per mu, which can greatly reduce the disease.(fabric 200 gallon grow bags wholesale suppliers usa)

It can not only prevent the damage caused by improper use of pesticides, but also effectively promote the growth of crops(72 cell seed starting trays). When planting cucumber, ammonia is used as the base fertilizer, 35 kg of ammonia diluted 50 times per mu can prevent cabbage virus disease. The 7-leaf stage of summer maize is the most suitable stage for applying jointing fertilizer(2 gallon plant pot). It is the time when the leaves of summer maize are expanded in large quantities and the stalks are rapidly extended.

In terms of corn, balancing the number of fruit bearing plants can prevent and control cucumber blight(128 cell seedling start trays). In order to get high yield of summer maize, it is necessary to apply fertilizer well in the middle and later period, conceive ear early, and promote high yield of big ear. Good jointing fertilizer. The amount of fertilizer required is large(3.54inch plastic plant pots). Generally, when the 9-leaf stage of summer maize is fully expanded, the soil nutrients are difficult to meet the needs of corn growth.

(fabric 200 gallon grow bags wholesale suppliers usa)The seedlings should be applied late and less if they are strong, and the thin seedlings should be applied early and heavily if they are weak(128 cell seed starter trays). 15-20 kg of ammonium bicarbonate and 500-750 kg of human and animal manure should be applied per mu. Booting with sufficient water(cheap grow pots). When the leaves of early maturing varieties were 15-16 or 8-10, the panicle fertilizer was applied again. The application time of ear fertilizer is related to the variety and soil fertility of maize.

Generally, the thin land with insufficient basal fertilizer has poor growth potential(seed plug trays wholesale), the water demand for plant growth in the booting stage accounts for about 27% - 38% of the total water demand in the whole growth stage of corn. The soil water in this stage should be kept at 70% - 75% of the field water capacity(shallow microgreen trays). The water should be used to adjust fertilizer to meet the water and fertilizer needs of corn growth and development.(fabric 200 gallon grow bags wholesale suppliers usa)

It is better to apply late ear fertilizer to the medium and late maturing varieties when 15-17 leaves are visible or 11-12 leaves are unfolded(32 cell seed starting trays), and the plots with sufficient basal fertilizer and vigorous growth can be applied later, when there are a small number of plants in the whole field starting to male; and the ear fertilizer should be applied earlier(grow pots for sale). Spraying tomato with 1% superphosphate extract also has obvious effect on the prevention of tomato navel rot.

(fabric 200 gallon grow bags wholesale suppliers usa)Topdressing panicle fertilizer can not only improve photosynthesis efficiency(105 cell seed starting trays), but also promote the growth of leaves at panicle position and their upper and lower leaves, prolong the life of leaves and promote the plumpness of grains. Phosphate fertilizer can kill insects and sterilize(10 inch plastic plant pots). Spraying cotton plant with 2% superphosphate extract can drive away the oviposition bollworm and kill the cotton spider, and when planting cabbage, slug and other pests.

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