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Greenhouse Polystyrene Plug Plant Trays Wholesale

The tender pods, young shoots and seeds are edible, fragrant and delicious(nursery plant pots). They contain more than ten kinds of nutrients such as protein, carotene and riboflavin. Many people like to eat. Dutch beans are more cold-tolerant crops. The cultivation technology of peas is becoming more and more mature. It can be planted in three seasons(gallon pot). The following small series will ask you to introduce the cultivation techniques of Dutch beans in three seasons.(greenhouse polystyrene plug plant trays wholesale)

At high temperatures, watering can be sprayed to cool down to avoid leaf burns(square grow pots), cultivating seedlings of amaranth soilless cultivation, pay attention to planting for about 3 months, preparation for planting before selection of oysters that have not been planted with peas, combined with soil preparation for simmering at the end of autumn and winter, 4000 kg of farmyard manure per mu, compound fertilizer 50 Kilograms(plastic terracotta pots wholesale), 150 kilograms of grass ash, mixed with manure and then watered with winter water.

New Year’s events are all about a festive Geely, and other management is the same as before(large plastic terracotta pots). Soak the seeds 3 days before sowing, and then select the seeds to remove the diseased grains, insect bites, grains, and grains. Large areas were planted with 30% saline. Sowing time In early March, the soil can be sown when it begins to thaw. The method is as follows: dry seed on-demand, line spacing 40 cm, hole distance 15 cm, 2-3 capsules per hole(12cm plastic grow pots), depth 3-4 cm, and fine soil after sowing, 10 kg per acre.

(greenhouse polystyrene plug plant trays wholesale)If the winter water is not poured, it must be watered and planted at the end of February(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Water should be drained in time after the rain. When the maximum temperature reaches 25 °C, remove the sunshade net. At this time, the temperature of white and day is very high. After 10 days, the seeds passed the vernalization stage. The second top dressing was followed by 20 kg of compound fertilizer per acre(120mm plastic grow pots). Dutch beans are vegetables that can be grown in all seasons. 

See the wetness on the ground, water once before flowering, no watering when flowering, start watering when the small pods are formed and keep the ground moist(plastic plant trays wholesale). When the first topdressing was about 6 cm in height, the urea was applied with 10 kg of urea, and the soil was irrigated and soiled once after watering and fertilizing(12.5cm plastic grow pots). When the vines are smashed, use a thin bamboo to insert a "human" shaped frame to prevent the Dutch bean stems from falling.

In general, the early harvest was more than 14 days after flowering, the pods were dark green(14cm plastic grow pots), and the beans were harvested when they began to be full. Autumn planting is very different from spring planting. After special treatment, the vernalization stage of the seed and the safety of the seedlings in the early stage are completed(13cm plastic grow pots). The seeds were soaked for 20 hours before sowing, drained and placed in a 0-5 ° C environment for vernalization, and 1 hour for 1 hour.

It is necessary to manage the emergence of seedlings after acreage and timely cultivating and promoting root growth(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The early autumn time of the shading management is early August. Therefore, after sowing, the floating surface of the shading net is used to cover the light and lower the temperature(cell trays). Increase the humidity to facilitate emergence. See the post-emergence shade net can be covered by sunny days, cloudy and cloudy.(greenhouse polystyrene plug plant trays wholesale)

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