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Heavy Duty Greenhouse Square Plastic Plant Trays

In the countryside, it is a kind of crop that is better planted, but there are still some problems in the planting process(plastic nursery containers). For example, the cowpea grows out after the flower buds are dried up. What is the reason? The phenomenon of dryness after planting cowpeas grows flower buds may be caused by pests and diseases(15 gallon plastic container). It is likely that the thrips move on the leaves and flower buds, biting the young leaves of the cowpeas and the newly emerged shoots.

The friends who want to know will look at the following(nursery plant pots wholesale)! Well, not only can the stems, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits of the upper part of the cowpea plant be harmed, but also the roots of the underground can be harmed and bitten. Hummer will multiply and survive all the year round. It is difficult to find it without careful inspection(large plastic garden pots cheap). When it is obvious, it is already very big. The cowpea has begun to yellow. In severe cases, the plants will wither.(heavy duty greenhouse square plastic plant trays)

There are weeds to be removed near the cowpeas(buy plastic plant pots). To solve the hazards of the thrips, we must start from two parts, prevention before planting, and timely treatment after planting. Before planting cowpeas, you can start with the soil. The thrips are a kind of pests and diseases that are afraid of high humidity and high temperature(plant planters pots). Before planting, the plots to be planted can be first surrounded by soil to form a pool, in order to allow the planted plots to be soaked in large water.

Rainwater can be directly surrounded by water when it is raining. If there is no water, it will be filled with water(plug flats). You can put the water clean after 3-5 days, and when the weather is dry and the water is almost dry, you can turn the soil out and the sun is exposed for a few days. This can eliminate most of the eggs of the thrips present in the soil(plastic nursery pots nz), and later reduce the activities of the thrips to the plants, which can effectively prevent the damage of thrips.(heavy duty greenhouse square plastic plant trays)

The cowpea grows out after germination and indicates that the thrips are already damaging the growth of cowpea(plastic plant pots for sale). It can be sprayed with drugs to reduce the harm, so as to avoid the situation being more serious. It can be sprayed with oxalidin and bifenthrin, and it will be effective if sprayed 2-3 times. The spraying time is best carried out in the morning, avoiding the high temperature at noon(15 gallon plastic pots wholesale), the spraying range can be farther than the planting cowpea, and spraying can be done every other week.

The early stage is very small. It is not only necessary to treat the planted cowpea itself, but also to disinfect the planted soil(plastic growing trays). It is then also able to increase the permeability between plants and increase the photosynthesis of cowpea plants. Although the cowpea can not be exposed to the soil when it has been planted, it can be sprayed on the root of the cowpea plant for treatment(nursery containers). It is often said that the root is irrigated with thiamethoxam water to irrigate the root.

Farmers will plant a variety of vegetables. Cowpea is one of them(plastic nursery tray). It reduces the breeding and spread of. The harm of Hummer is very great. What are the solutions? The content to be shared with you today is here first, and the family has to Friends of cowpeas, if they find out that they have dried up after flowering, it is likely to be harmed by the hummer(plastic flower pots in bulk). Everyone still needs to take some corresponding solutions, hoping to help all friends!(heavy duty greenhouse square plastic plant trays)

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