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High-efficiency fertilization technology, formula, time and dosage of spinach in China: Spinach is a green leafy vegetable of the genus Spinach, native to Iran(gallon pot). It was transmitted to China in the 7th century and cultivated throughout China. The root system of spinach is very developed, with a distribution range of up to 1 cubic meter, and the main root group is distributed in the 25-30 cm soil layer(plastic plant trays wholesale). The main root is slightly thicker and slightly enlarged, and the upper part is red, which stores nutrients and is sweet and edible.

The suitable soil pH is 7.3-8.2(nursery plant pots). When the soil is acidic, it can cause the tip and leaf margin of spinach to be yellowish brown, and the roots are brown or even dead. Spinach is a wet crop. If the soil moisture exceeds 20%, it will cause wet damage and rotten roots will die. Spinach is a fast-growing green leafy vegetable(105 cell trays bulk). It needs more nitrogen fertilizer during the growth process, but the nitrogen fertilizer is too much, the leaves are thin, and the resistance is poor.(large black 18 inch plastic plant pots suppliers)

More nitrogen fertilizer is required to promote leaf plexus growth(cell trays). In terms of the type of nitrogen fertilizer, the amount of fertilizer applied and the time of fertilization, spinach is a typical vegetable with nitrate-nitrogen fertilizer. When the ratio of nitrate nitrogen to ammonium nitrogen is higher than 2:1, the yield is higher, but the ammonium fertilizer will be applied alone(128 cell trays bulk). It inhibits the absorption of K and Ca, and causes ammonia damage to affect its growth.

All base fertilizers are applied to the ground level after 1 to 2 days before sowing or transplanting(large plastic terracotta pots). Fertilization dosage: 40 to 50 kg per mu. Spinach prefers sandy loam rich in organic matter, and has strong salt and alkali resistance. Not resistant to acid, the production of 1000 kg of spinach requires 1.6 kg of pure nitrogen, 0.83 kg of phosphorus pentoxide, and 1.8 kg of potassium oxide(162 cell trays bulk). Lateral roots are underdeveloped and are not suitable for transplanting.(large black 18 inch plastic plant pots suppliers)

However, when the nitrate fertilizer is applied alone, the plant grows in a large amount, but the energy consumed in the reduction process is excessive(square grow pots). In low light, the absorption of nitrate nitrogen may be inhibited, and growth stops, resulting in insufficient nitrogen supply. Datian has the highest yield of spinach with 150-200 kg/ha nitrate nitrogen application(200 cell trays bulk). Fertilization formula: Optional leafy vegetable controlled release fertilizer, the nutrient content of the product is N: 20% ~ 23%. P: 6.5% to 9%; K: 15% to 22%.

The above-mentioned leafy vegetable controlled release fertilizer generally incorporates magnesium and sulfur required for production(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Fertilization time and method: Note: The production season of wintering spinach is the junction of autumn and winter and winter and spring, the soil temperature is low, the soil nitrification is very weak, and the ammonium nitrogen fertilizer will not be converted into nitrate nitrogen soon after application(112 cell trays bulk). The sporangium is filamentous or branched and lobed, or irregularly expanded.(large black 18 inch plastic plant pots suppliers)

Although it is necessary to strictly select nutrient soil during seedling cultivation, use disease-free new soil, pond soil or paddy soil, and do not use old seedbed soil with bacteria(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The pathogen growth rate is 15-16 °C, the temperature is higher than 30 °C, and the temperature is 10 °C. The low temperature is not lower than the growth of the host(288 cell trays bulk), but the pathogen is still active, so the low temperature and high humidity conditions during the seedling stage are conducive to the onset.

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