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Plastic 10x20 Plant Trays Wholesale Price NZ

Corn stone is a kind of fleshy flower mainly for foliage, which is good for people at home(5 gallon pot). In life, after knowing the effect of corn stone, many people want to raise it. How to raise corn stone? Here are the cultivation methods and precautions of corn stone, which are very detailed(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Friends who want to raise corn stone can't miss it. Corn stone likes the sunny ventilation.

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In this regard, when it can be cultured indoors, Xiaobian should put it in a place with sufficient light and shade in midsummer(15 gallon pot). As for the culture soil, the best is sandy loam with good drainage. If you want to talk about how to raise corn stone, you should first change a basin of soil for it(seedling tray 128 holes). As the corn stone potted plants purchased on the market or online are cheap, it is necessary to buy the corn stone and replace it with the soil it likes.

(plastic 10x20 plant trays wholesale price nz)According to the development habit of corn stone, it likes sandy loam with good drainage(1 gallon pots). It can endure half shade, drought, water and strong light, so how to raise corn stone? It's better to master the principle of "no drying, no watering, no watering". However, the requirement of corn stone multi fertilizer is not high(128 cell trays). Base fertilizer generally if there is a condition, can let corn stone raise outdoors. 

It is recommended to use: clay mixed with haydite and coarse river sand, if possible, can participate in some rotten leaves, which is more conducive to development(half gallon pots). In the cultivation of corn stone, light is a key point(72 cell plug trays). Corn stone enjoys light, so it is necessary to have enough light in the development process, but it is also more resistant to half shade, and the indoor half shade can also feed corn stone.(plastic 10x20 plant trays wholesale price nz)

In addition, the sun is also strong, easy to burn the plant, so it is necessary to timely shade(7 gallon plant pots); in addition, corn stone can not be completely without light, otherwise the stem and leaf are not strong, prone to lodging. Water is the source of what, so in the process of corn stone breeding, watering is indispensable(72 cell seed trays). However, corn stone is a kind of fleshy flower, which is resistant to drought, so it can not be watered more, just right amount.

(plastic 10x20 plant trays wholesale price nz)In winter, we should also pay attention to the control of watering, too much water is easy to show signs of rotten roots(2 gallon pot). Finish watering, then talk about fertilization, it also plays a certain role in the development of corn stone. In its development season, we can apply organic liquid fertilizer to it once a month(10 gallon nursery pots). Pay attention to the combination of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and do not apply nitrogen fertilizer alone.

Corn stone is afraid of strong light(3 gallon pot). At the time of July and August, because of the high temperature, flower friends should be familiar with it. It is very similar to rainbow jade, similar to other grape varieties, and Hongti also likes the soil with good air permeability(plastic plant trays wholesale). Therefore, the soil should be fertile, deep sandy loam or loose soil, with a pH of about 6.5-7.5, with good irrigation and drainage conditions.

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