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Plastic 15 Gallon Plant Pot Manufacturers In China

Ginkgo bonsai can be divided into three types: leaf viewing, fruit viewing, and stake viewing(98 cell seed tray). To make ginkgo bonsai, you need to select the root ginkgo seedlings and ginkgo stalactite branches under the ginkgo tree(128 cell plug flats). During the growing season of the ginkgo stump tree, use various methods to dig the branches, and then pay attention to timely pruning and reasonable watering and fertilization. .

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In time to pass early spring short cuts(162 cell seed starting trays), topping in summer, small gingko bonsai must choose good varieties, especially those with early fruiting characteristics, and early fruiting ginkgo bonsai, its appreciation value will double; the early fruiting varieties are Bangzao and Wuchengyi No., Longtan Emperor, Shennong No.1, etc .; grafted seedlings usually bear fruit in two to three years(5 gallon tree pot). Poor quality may not last for more than ten years.

(plastic 15 gallon plant pot manufacturers in china)Ginkgo is a long-lived tree species. Since ancient China, it has been regarded as a good selection of bonsai(plastic seed trays). Therefore, the selection of early fruit varieties is the key technology that cannot be ignored. At flowering pod stage, 10 kg of urea or 1000 kg of human and animal fertilizer was applied to promote pod-building and strong grain(large plastic planters uk). The method is: when the water is dry, the water in the pot evaporates quickly. 

scion with one to two years of strong branches, with two full plums(plant bags wholesale); grafting Splicing method, plastic film banding, grafting season should not be too early or too late, too early surgery quality is poor, the survival rate is low, too late will not shoot in the same year, also vulnerable to frost damage, scion is not easy to fruit, early spring grafting(nursery pots). It is a dwarf variety with convenient drainage and irrigation.(plastic 15 gallon plant pot manufacturers in china)

Measures such as timely fertilization will promote side branches and increase the amount of branches and leaves(128 cell trays). During the growth period, various branches will be used to climb the branches. Ginkgo leaves are large and brittle. Remove the extra side branches and diseased dead branches, highlight the trunk, and enrich the ornamental branches(large round plastic planters). The roots of silver and other trees are more sprouting and cut from the base.

(plastic 15 gallon plant pot manufacturers in china)The watering depends on the pot soil and the leaves to determine the number of watering(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). Generally, it is watered every 1 to 2 days. In the hot and dry season, the roots are irrigated once a day before 8 am and after 5 pm each day(plastic plant pots nz). The leaf surface should also be sprayed with water to flush out the leaf dust, which is conducive to photosynthesis, increases local humidity and meets the physiological needs of .

Normally, the soil of the basin should be kept moist and should not be dry, but water should not be accumulated(cheap perlite). In summer, the temperature is high, the light intensity is large, and the ginkgo biloba leaves evaporate quickly. It should be watered morning and evening without interruption(small square plant pots). After the fallen leaves in autumn, take out the soil on the surface of the pot, replace it with loose and fertile nutrient soil, and irrigate it.

Grafting with seedlings(288 cell propagation trays wholesale), strong branching and orderly, fast formation, timely selection of ground diameter more than 1 cm thick, thick seedlings as rootstock, After the seedlings were capped in early August. Bonsai cultivation is affected by container size and soil fertility. After the autumn should be less watering(1 gallon grow pots). You should observe the watering in time. Care must be taken when tying the leaves.(plastic 15 gallon plant pot manufacturers in china)

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