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Plastic Nursery Containers Wholesale Suppliers Mexico

It is the golden season for potted flowers to grow in the bright spring, sunny and suitable temperature than on the larger green space(200 cell seed starter trays). The management of potted flowers should pay attention to the following points: slow out of the room: in early spring, potted flowers should not be carried out of the house in a hurry(72 cell plant tray), because the potted flowers leave the room too early and are easy to be damaged by wind and late frost.

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General indoor wintering potted flowers normally leave the room during the period from "Qingming" to "Lixia"(32 cell seed starter trays). According to the size of cold resistance of flowers. Flowers (Asparagus, rose, cactus, etc.) that like sunlight but can tolerate low temperature or are in dormant state can be placed in places with scattered light(germination tray price). Fertilization should be stopped for dormant or semi dormant flowers, so less fertilizer and water is required.(plastic nursery containers wholesale suppliers mexico)

In general(72 cell propagation trays), flowers that bloom in winter and spring (Cyclamen, Narcissus, etc.), herbaceous flowers sown in autumn (goldfish grass), flowers that like strong light and high temperature (southern flowers such as Milan and Jasmine) should be placed on the windowsill or near the windowsill with sufficient sunshine, water and fertilizer should be strictly controlled, plum blossom, semi dormancy or metabolism decline(nursery tray), they leave the room successively.

(plastic nursery containers wholesale suppliers mexico)Smart fertilization: the temperature in spring is relatively dry, and it is the growth and development season of all kinds of flowers and trees(200 cell seed starting trays). Indoor flowers should pay attention to air circulation: in the high temperature or sunny weather at noon, should open the window, ventilation, can reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests, is conducive to the healthy and healthy growth of flowers(120mm plastic grow pots). Attention should be paid to maintenance management.

Potted flowers out of the room to go through a period of adaptation to the environment(32 cell plug trays supplier), 10 days before the room can be taken to open the window to let the wind gradually adapt to the external environment and temperature; or out of the room in the morning, into the afternoon; cloudy days do not go out of the room, the wind is not out of the room(v15 nursery pots). The location should take into account the characteristics of various flowers.(plastic nursery containers wholesale suppliers mexico)

Some flowers that are not hardy, such as white orchid, crab claw orchid, lotus flower, etc., should enter the house early in the middle and late September(105 cell plug trays supplier). Strict control of fertilization and watering: the temperature is low in winter in northern China, most flowers are in dormancy(12.5cm plastic grow pots). Therefore, in addition to chrysanthemums and Narcissus flowering in autumn and winter or early spring, as well as potted plants and potted flowers sown in autumn.

(plastic nursery containers wholesale suppliers mexico)If water and fertilizer can't keep up, the flowers and trees will wither or even die(50 cell plug trays supplier). Indoor flower placement should be appropriate: in late autumn or early winter, potted flowers will be moved into the room one after another. In autumn, the weather is getting colder, and the potted flowers cultivated by families should be moved into the room one by one(128 cell plug flats). The location of potted flowers should consider the characteristics of various flowers.

As for some cold resistant varieties, such as rose, pomegranate, Yingchun, oleander, green peach and so on, they can enter the house in early November(72 cell plant trays bulk). Other flowers that can tolerate low temperature but leave leaves or are not strict with light requirements can be placed in a cool and shady place without sunshine(rooting tray). Due to the different temperature requirements of different flowers, the time of moving into the room is not consistent.(plastic nursery containers wholesale suppliers mexico)

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