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Plastic Pots For Plants Wholesale Suppliers Indonesia

In order to grow the flowers well(3.5inch square nursery pots), you can use a plastic film to make a large cover to cover the wet-loving flowers to maintain a certain temperature and humidity, and also prevent the pollution of smoke, dust and grease. Watering is a regular maintenance work in flower cultivation, especially potted flowers(110mm plastic grow pots). If you do not add water in time, it will cause wilt mushrooms and affect the growth and flowering of flowers.

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You can shake the weight of the flowerpot with your hands(seed starting trays supplier). If it is much lighter than normal, it means that there is a shortage of water. You can also tap the flowerpot with the wood god or finger joints. If the sound is light and crisp, it means that the soil is dry(plastic terracotta pots wholesale). An overly humid soil environment will make the roots of some flowers intolerant of water and wet unable to breathe, resulting in suffocation or death from rotten roots. 

(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers indonesia)It needs to be watered immediately(4.5inch square nursery pots); if the sound is dull and dull, it means that there is still more water in the pot soil, so do not water it temporarily. Here are several intuitive and simple judgment methods. Judge based on the performance of the flower itself. Gently insert your fingers into the pot soil about 2 cm deep along the edge of the pot and touch the soil(heavy duty plant pots). Due to the limited volume of flower pots, the pot soil is easy to dry.

If the potted flower lacks water, the whole plant will appear lacklustre(seed propagation trays). The new shoots and leaves of Artemisia wilt are drooping, and even the withered yellow leaves are not as bright and shiny as usual. If it is blooming, the flowers will wilt or even fall off. But these phenomena are sometimes not entirely caused by water shortages(12cm plastic grow pots). In northern areas, the general indoor air humidity can meet its growth requirements. But not as many as possible.(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers indonesia)

Before watering the potted flowers, perform the above-mentioned visual inspection first(4.5inch deep square pots), and make a correct judgment based on the specific situation, and then decide whether or not to water and how much water to supply. Judging by hand feeling. When it feels dry or rough and hard, it means the pot soil is dry and needs watering; if it feels slightly moist, delicate and soft, it means the pot soil is wet(heavy duty gallon pot), Can not be watered temporarily.

(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers indonesia)In fact, the amount of watering depends on what kind of flower you are growing(plastic cell trays supplier). The habit of this kind of flower is wet, dry, or semi-dry. Don’t treat it the same as any flower. There are several kinds of flowers at home. Flowers should be watered together and dried together(seed starting trays wholesale). Water is indispensable to the growth and development of flowers. The above four methods are all empirical, they can only tell people about the dry and wet pot soil.

Therefore, if you want to grow flowers(seedling trays wholesale), you must first understand the water requirements of various types of flowers and master the principles and methods of watering potted flowers. The principle of watering the main potted plants can be summarized as follows: "see dry and see wet", "do not dry or water, water must be watered", "water thoroughly and not leak"(polystyrene plug plant trays). Judging by the weight and sound of the flower pot.(plastic pots for plants wholesale suppliers indonesia)

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