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15 Inch Large Black Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

Grasping the critical period of nutrient nutrients and fruit expansion period of the fruit tree twice, the best time for topdressing(greenhouse supplies pots). This year, the fruit is large and the yield is high. Next year, the flower buds are full and the fruit is more. The best time: from the beginning of June to the end of June, the nutrient critical period, that is, the spring shoots are long after a long period of topdressing(gallon nursery pots). In this period, the flower buds begin to differentiate, and the young fruit grows rapidly.

The scientific and reasonable topdressing is directly related to the flower bud differentiation(wholesale greenhouse pots). The quality of flower buds determines the output next year. It can enrich the branches, improve the leaf function, and increase the output of nutrients produced by the leaves. Therefore, it is necessary to move it into the environment of light, and give about 5 hours of illumination(cell trays), and the subsequent illumination time can be gradually increased.(15 inch large black plastic plant pots wholesale)

The best time for fruit-expanding period is the highest fruiting efficiency during the fruit expansion period from mid-July to early August(seed starter trays). The fruit tree has the strongest nutrient absorption capacity, the fastest absorption rate, the highest fertilizer utilization rate, and the most obvious effect on yield increase(gallon plant pot). According to the characteristics of fruit tree growth and development, this period should be based on phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, especially the supplement of potassium.

2000kg of spinach per 667 square meters(flat plastic tray), planting needs to absorb pure nitrogen 16.8kg, phosphorus (P2O5) 4.2kg, potassium chloride 10kg as the base fertilizer. Fortune trees are not demanding water in winter, but they can't be short of water for a long time. The roots absorb insufficient water, the leaves are yellow and appear to be wilting(plug trays). They need to be replenished in time, which can be thoroughly dried. The method is watering to reduce the occurrence of water in the basin.

(15 inch large black plastic plant pots wholesale)According to analysis, there are fewer summer spinach plants(square nursery pots). After that, a good ventilation environment is ensured, and no leaves can be found in the flower pots, otherwise the bacteria are easily grown, and a clean growth environment can be avoided to prevent the plants from containing diseases. Make it grow stronger(propagation tray). It must enlarge the young fruit and enrich the flower buds; from July to August, the topdressing is mainly potassium, the yield is obvious, and the fruit is bright. 

The cultivation of rich trees can not be lack of light. Closing the dark environment will hinder the photosynthesis(plastic grow pots). When the yellowing is serious, the leaves will fall a lot. The temperature of the tree in winter is very important. If the temperature is lower than 0 °C, it will affect The root system absorbs nutrients, which leads to yellow leaf phenomenon caused by malnutrition(20 cell seed starting trays). Therefore, the temperature should be raised to above 10 °C, and the yellow leaf phenomenon can be alleviated by watering and astigmatism.(15 inch large black plastic plant pots wholesale)

The severe yellow leaves are trimmed, the nutrients are concentrated to avoid waste, and new leaves can be grown for the plants(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). The yellowing of winter leaves of rich trees may be caused by lack of light. In this period, the most need to supplement is phosphorus. After the nutrient critical period, the coconut is no stranger to the flower friends(40 cell seed starting trays). However, for the flower friends in the north, the potted plants after the germination of the coconut are estimated to be rare!

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