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Square 4 Inch Nursery Succulent Pots Wholesale

For example, for the layout of new courtyards or the renovation of old courtyards(flat plastic tray), transplantation can also be carried out on the premise of bringing earth balls. Categories such as: Oleander, Longbai, Michelia, Shuhua, Osmanthus fragrans, Camellia, Berberis rubra, Ligustrum lucidum, Poplar, Hypericum, French holly, Berberis rubra, Corals sprinkled with golden leaves, etc(gallon nursery pots). One is to water the roots to keep the soil moist, but not to accumulate water. 

A string of red, thousand-day-old red(plastic grow pots), marigold, malachite grass, Longkou flower, cockscomb flower, Changchun flower, sulphur chrysanthemum, daisy, calendula, canna, early chrysanthemum, etc. Pruning continues to prune vigorous and germinating garden hedgerows and ornamental globes(gallon plant pot), and is the last pruning of globes in the growing season in northern China this year.(square 4 inch nursery succulent pots wholesale)

Some flowers can still be planted or potted for viewing in the golden autumn and October(greenhouse supplies pots). Globe ornamental plants are: Longbai, Shuhua, Huangyang, Myrica rubra, Chinese wolfberry, Ilex, Photinia, Haitong, Pyracantha, Golden Bell and so on. Growing grass and flowers on the ground can be picked first: a string of red(cell trays), thousand-day red, sulfur chrysanthemum, ground skin, marigold, peacock grass and so on.

Courtyard hedgerows and color block tree species are mainly: Populus, Ilex francais, Photinia spinosa, Ligustrum lucidum(wholesale greenhouse pots), Ligustrum microphylla, Berberis rubra, Ligustrum aureus, Platycladus orientalis and so on. Generally, it is not necessary to transplant flowers and trees in the courtyard(plug trays). Because the temperature in September is still relatively high, it is not the need of special circumstances. Quick-acting fertilizer.

(square 4 inch nursery succulent pots wholesale)It is advisable to pluck every 10 days to form a plump plant shape and produce more inflorescences on the lateral tips, and stop plucking after the end of September(seed starter trays). For woody flowers planted in long-lasting flowering fields, such as variety rose, plentiful rose, miniature rose, vine rose, crape myrtle, flower pomegranate, plum and triangle flower, it is necessary to cut off the stalks in time(propagation tray), and to cut the branches that have flowered properly, which can effectively promote their re-blooming.

Because of the dry climate(square nursery pots), it is one of the key measures to consolidate the survival effect of trees and shrubs transplanted in the spring in the courtyard to continue to do well in water and sprinkler management. The other is to spray water on the straw rope wound around the trunk to create a local moist protective layer for the trunk(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). The third is to spray water on the crown to reduce leaf transpiration and increase local space humidity.(square 4 inch nursery succulent pots wholesale)

In September, in order to keep its bright leaf color, proper Topdressing of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied(black plastic plant pots). It is advisable to apply balanced nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the planting of flowers and trees such as crape myrtle, rose, cinnamon, four-season orange, pomegranate(plastic potting pots), foliage flower, hibiscus, chrysanthemum, banana, dahlia, plum, bamboo, pyracanthus, cinnabar root, golden orange and a large number of autumn grass and flowers.

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