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20 Gallon Grow Bags Manufacturers In Canada

Another thing to pay attention to is the time to cover the film(7 gallon pots). For example, it has just rained. After grafting, when the seedlings are about to come out, you can drill a hole in the ground film to allow the seedlings to grow. In addition, you can use it under the film if you water it(10 inch plastic plant pots). Come in the form of a hose. The disease mostly harms old leaves.

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In this case, the common diseases and insect pests of purple leaf plum are mainly brown spot perforation and bacterial perforation(10 gallon grow pots). The following control experience is summarized from actual work. Brown spot disease is a fungal disease. Generally, mycelia overwinter in diseased leaves(128 cell trays). The germs spread through wind and rain, and they usually start in June and peak in August. It is severe when windy and rainy.(20 gallon grow bags manufacturers in canada)

The diseased leaves produced purple-brown dots at the beginning, and then expanded into concentric lesions, with a diameter of about 3 mm(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). The center of the lesion is yellow-white or brown, and the edges are purple-brown. The lesions fell off in the later stages to form perforations. Protects natural enemy red ring ladybugs and inhibits grasshoppers(2.5 inch square plastic pots). After drying, it will form a large perforation, which will cause the leaves to fall off.

When the population density of nymphs and adults of grasshoppers is high, the surface of the sac has finely divided leaves and branch skins, and the larvae only eat the leaf epidermis(15 gallon planters). Spray the Baume 3 to 5 degree stone sulfur mixture or 1: 1: 120 times Bordeaux solution before sprout(plant pots uk). After spreading the leaves, spray 80% Daisen zinc wettable powder 600 times, spray once every 7 to 10 days, and then spray 3 times.

(20 gallon grow bags manufacturers in canada)North China is generally caused by early-stage bacteria(seedling tray 104 holes). Pathogenic bacteria overwinter on branch tips or diseased leaves. In the spring of the following year, rain or insects spread the infection. When the leaves are diseased, they are initially water-stained dots, and then expand into round lesions(commercial plant pots). After that, the lesions dry out and form perforations, and some of the lesions are connected to form scorched large spots.

The creeping creeps over the branches, the excrement flows down the branches, and sometimes it also migrates in groups(1 gallon nursery pots). When the branches are injured, ulcers form, and the affected part becomes dark purple lesions. The suitable temperature for the development of this bacterium is 24 ° C to 28 ° C(heavy duty plant trays). It usually develops in May, and the hot and humid season in summer is the peak period of disease. There are purple halo around the lesions.

The dead leaves are removed and burned in autumn and winter to reduce the source of infection(3 gallon nursery pots). In severe cases, the leaves of the entire tree will be scarred and patchy from August to September, affecting the ornamental effect. Strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, enhance the disease resistance of plants, and climb the surrounding walls and ground(grow pots). Cracks of different sizes often occur on the lesions.(20 gallon grow bags manufacturers in canada)

The bagworm eats leaf pests, and mature larvae overwinter in the sac(2 gallon plastic pots). Reasonable pruning in the spring, increase the plant's ventilation and light transmission, pay attention to the control of aphids, grasshoppers, and other thorn-sucking pests to reduce the chance of infection. Before the spring germination, spray 3 degrees of stone sulfur mixture to prevent sterilization(5 gallon flower pots). 65% Daisen Zinc 500 times solution, the effect is better.

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