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50 Cell Polystyrene Plant Sowing Plug Trays

In order to make the emergence of the seedlings uniform, remove the seeds, debris, broken pieces, scorpions, etc.(cell trays), and select seeds that conform to the variety standards in terms of shape, color, and size. Pour the seeds into warm water at 55 ° C (to keep adding hot water to keep the water temperature constant) soak for 20 minutes, and stir the seeds in a clockwise direction to make them evenly heated(7 gallon nursery pots supplier). When timely, remove the mulch or small arch shed.(50 cell polystyrene plant sowing plug trays)

Or soak seeds with 10% trisodium phosphate solution for 20 minutes (this method is mainly for viral diseases), or agricultural streptomycin soluble powder 1000 times solution for 2 hours (mainly against bacterial diseases). After the drug is soaked(gallon nursery pots), it must be thoroughly washed with water before it can be transferred to the next step. After soaking seeds in Wentang or soaking seeds, remove the scorpions and impurities(14 gallon nursery pots supplier), wash the mucus on the seeds with water, and keep them at 25 °C ~ 30 °C for 4-8 hours.

(50 cell polystyrene plant sowing plug trays)The germinated seeds are germinated(propagation tray). If there is no germination chamber and electric heating line seedbed, the surface moisture of the water-absorbing seed is sucked up, and it is wrapped with a disinfected wet towel or skim gauze. The germination is maintained at 30 °C for 24 hours in the early stage, and the germination is maintained at 25 °C for 24 hours(flat plastic tray). Rinsing seeds and towels, etc., with warm water at 25 ° C to 30 ° C every morning and night during germination.

According to planting season, climatic conditions, cultivation methods, nursery facilities and other factors to determine the appropriate sowing date(black plastic plant pots). When there are five or sixty percent of the seeds "showing white", they should be moved to the cold place in time to prepare for sowing. In order to prevent injury buds, you can use tweezers or chopsticks instead of manual operation when planting(plastic grow pots). Pay attention to the seeds lying flat, the buds pointing downward, sowing. 

(50 cell polystyrene plant sowing plug trays)It is placed in an incubator and placed in a short-term storage condition at about 10 °C to prevent the radicle from being too long when planting(15 gallon nursery pots supplier), reducing the ability of the seed to top and affecting emergence. If there is germination room equipment, germination after sowing, put the seedling tray after sowing into the germination chamber tray, start the heating(greenhouse supplies pots), humidification and temperature adjustment facilities for germination, and remove the seeds when the seeds are 60% arched.

Considering the growth inhibition, the quality of the seed directly affects the growth of the plant and the quality of the fruit(square nursery pots). Seed selection must be done before sowing. If the seed is germinated, it cannot be sown in time due to weather, etc., and the seedling tray after sowing is neatly discharged on the seedbed of the electric hotline(wholesale greenhouse pots), covered with a layer of white mulch or a small arch shed to keep warm and moisturize when the seed is germinated.(50 cell polystyrene plant sowing plug trays)

Therefore, put the trays filled with the substrate neatly to a certain height(gallon plant pot), and place a hole plate on the top, so that the pits are as deep as 2 cm, and seed 1 seed per hole. The depth is 1.5 to 2 cm. After sowing, a layer of matrix or vermiculite is applied and the excess substrate is scraped off with a squeegee to level the substrate with the cell compartment(seed starter trays). After the soil is covered, the water is poured through the fine nozzle, and the water is oozing out from the bottom of the tray.

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