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Plastic Flower Seedling Nursery Pot Wholesale Europe

For flower lovers, as long as you master the following links, it will be handy to raise flowers(plastic nursery pots). Let's talk about the specific method: the upper basin is to put the flower seedlings in plastic pots for cultivation. When the flower seedling grows to a certain size, the upper pot can be operated. Pots, soil, drainage mats (tiles, slag) need to be prepared in advance before the basin, small pots are used for small seedlings(51 cell trays bulk), and large pots are used for large seedlings. Divide the flower seedlings with soil and place a few pieces of broken tiles on the drain hole at the bottom of the flower pot.

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(plastic flower seedling nursery pot wholesale europe)Then put a slag or charcoal crumbs, and then fill in a small amount of soil(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), with the cover not covered with the drainage mat, put the seedlings on top, hold the flower seedlings in the left hand, hold the spatula in the right hand, and slowly shovel the soil into the plastic flowerpots. In the middle, place fine-grained soil near the root so that the roots and the soil can be closely combined, and then gently press by hand to make the soil flat(104 cell trays bulk). The soil is filled to the wall of the pot about 2 cm, and finally watered once, then the pot is placed in the shade, and then moved to a well-lit area a few days later.

Flowers grow in plastic pots for too long, the plants grow up slowly, the soil nutrients are gradually reduced(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and the flower pots are covered with flower roots, which tends to cause top-heavy hair. At this time, it is necessary to replace the flowers with new plastics in time. Flower pots, in general, change the pot time between the rain and the two solar terms in the summer. The time of changing the number of pots varies according to different flower varieties(72 cell seed starting trays). For example, jasmine, rose flowers, poinsettia and other flowers, you can replace the plastic pots once a year.

(plastic flower seedling nursery pot wholesale europe)White orchids (large pots), azaleas and other flowers can be replaced with plastic pots in two to three years(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). When replacing the plastic flower pot, take the flower plant out of the pot, use a knife to cut off 50-70% of the old potting soil around the soil ball (if it is an orchid, shake it all), cut off all the rotten roots and some old ones. root. If the flower root system is relatively developed, the bottom of the plastic flower pot should suddenly be less. When the flower seedlings are placed in the flower pot, when filling the soil(128 cell seedling start trays), the potting soil should be tightly inserted to make the soil and flower roots tightly combined.

However, it should be noted that the roots of the flowers should not be injured during the operation(black plastic nursery pots). The basin is another way to change the basin. The difference is that the basin does not need to shake off the soil at the root of the flower. It is necessary to keep the root of the flower intact. The new plastic flowerpot will be larger than the original specification, and some soil will be added. After changing the pots and sets of pots(128 cell seed starter trays), the roots are generally developed and the adaptability is stronger. The pots and pots used are also more fertile than the pots on the pots.

(plastic flower seedling nursery pot wholesale europe)Therefore, the base fertilizer should be slightly more(plug trays wholesale), but be careful not to touch the root system. The rich tree belongs to plants that like high temperature, humidity and sunlight, and cannot be placed in a shady environment for a long time. Therefore, when planting a rich tree, always put it indoors in a sunny place, and let the leaves face the sun. Otherwise, due to the phototaxis of the leaves, the branches and leaves of the entire rich tree will be distorted. In addition, every 3 to 5 days, spray water on the branches and leaves with a watering can(seed plug trays wholesale), which can help the photosynthesis of the leaves and make the leaves look beautiful.

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