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6 Inch Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

Round eggplant varieties(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). The growth of the plant is medium, and the eggplant is inserted at 6 ~ 7 nodes, early maturing. The fruit is round and spherical, with purple black skin and luster. The flesh of the fruit is dense, the product shield is general, and the single fruit weighs 300 ~ 400g(v15 plastic pots). Harvested 55 days after colonization. 

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In order to prevent eggplant seeds from carrying pathogenic bacteria and improve the regularity of seed germination, seed treatment is generally carried out before sowing(11cm plastic plant pots). For example, the seeds are exposed to the sun for 6 to 8 hours and 1 to 2 days before the seeds are flooded to promote the maturity of the seeds and improve the regularity of the germination of the seeds(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale).

The period of national seedling raising depends on many factors such as the cultivation season, cultivation methods, protection facilities, seedling raising methods and methods, seedling raising techniques, eggplant varieties, and so on(72 cell seed trays). Either soak in 50% DT500 times solution for 20 minutes, or use 0.1% copper sulfate solution for 6 hours, or use metasonium 200 times solution for 20 minutes(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). 

For example, soak in 300~400 times formaldehyde solution for 10~15 minutes, and then wash the solution on the surface of the seed with water(40 cell plug tray). Use 0.1% carbendazim solution to soak for 30 minutes, and rinse repeatedly after removing it. Do not apply chemical ammonia fertilizers and immature fertilizers(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). No germs are planted, the bed soil is loose but not tender, and the nutrition is balanced.

It is suitable for protected land in early spring, open land and delayed cultivation in autumn(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). It is not resistant to swimming and has poor disease resistance. It is suitable for early wall planting in spring, with 3500 ~ 4000 plants per 667m(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). Strong disease resistance and stress resistance. The fruit is oval, the peel is green and shiny, the pulp is white, and the single fruit weighs 300 ~ 400g(105 cell seed trays). Israel early Elvis presbyopia. 

The fruit is slender, about 30 cm long, with few seeds, tender meat and excellent quality(v16 plastic pots). The fruit is purplish black, shiny, long harvest period, not easy to age in the later stage, and has good merchantability. Plant 3000 ~ 3500 plants every 667m(128 cell seedling trays). Early maturing hybrid generation of black coral eggplant(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). The fruit is strip-shaped, uniform, black purple, bright color, thin and soft peel, tender meat and good quality.

Because the temperature and ground temperature in the seedbed are low, "stiff seedlings" are prone to occur(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). Very early maturing, good quality, high yield, easy cultivation and excellent commodity. It is suitable for early maturing cultivation in protected and open fields(seedling tray 128 holes). Seedlings should be raised in order to prevent sun exposure With rainwater showering, a simple sugar cover can be set up on the seedbed.

The plant is 90cm high, the stem is purple black, and the leaves are long, oval and green(24 cell seed trays). The peel is dark purple black, shiny, excellent gloss, thin skin, soft meat, worrying quality and excellent merchantability. Very early maturity, high early yield, easy to cultivate, easy to yield, excellent commodity(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). The fruit is thin and rod-shaped, the fruit is about 30 cm long, and the average single fruit weight is about 300 G.

The fruit is slightly slender, about 30 cm long(50 cell plug flats). The fruit is uniform in strip shape, black purple, bright color, fresh feeling, thin and soft peel, tender pulp and good quality. In the early stage, the output is high and the color is poor(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). The fruit is long rod-shaped, about 60 cm long. It has strong disease resistance, good heat resistance and long fruit harvest period(105 cell propagation trays). Strong stress resistance and low light resistance. 

The fruit is slightly slender, about 30 cm long(20 cell plant trays). Autumn postponed to cultivate eggplant, the products are mainly supplied in the off-season of autumn and winter. Cultivation in small arched sheds in early spring is usually planted around the "light snow", that is, in mid-November(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). Suitable for cultivation in protected land, 2000 ~ 2200 plants are planted every 667m, with double culms or three materials for pruning.

Strong growth potential: the plant wall is slightly open, the leaves are slightly large, the branching is medium, and each inflorescence has 2 ~ 3 flowers(40 cell seed tray inserts). Zunpian is purple, the fruit color is black and bright, the coloring is uniform, there is no green head, and the commodity is excellent. Early maturing cultivation in transparent protected land and open land(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). Such as Beijing Liuyeqie, Luqie No. 1 and other fine varieties(4 cell plant trays).

This period is during the severe cold winter, and it is best to use greenhouses or hotbeds to grow seedlings(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). The growth period of greenhouse overwintering eggplant is mostly in low temperature and cold season, so late maturing varieties with low temperature resistance, weak light resistance, disease resistance and high yield should be selected(18 cell seed starting trays). Such as sheneggplant No. 1, qieggplant No. 1, heizhuhu eggplant, etc.

Use small arch cotton for early cultivation, and select varieties that are resistant to low temperature, low light, and early maturity and high yield(32 cell tray). Quanfu pot star is a variety bred from Quanfu seedlings in Taiwan. Changeggplant 5 is a variety bred by Hewan Quanfu seedlings(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). The plant has strong growth potential, slightly open plant type, slightly large leaves, medium branching, and 2 ~ 3 flowers per inflorescence. 

Because eggplant itself likes warmth and afraid of cold, and the temperature conditions during the growth period of autumn and winter rolls are from hot to cold, therefore(v10 plastic pots), the cultivation technology requirements are higher, and it should be selected for disease resistance, wide adaptability, low temperature resistance, high temperature and fruit expansion(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). The single fruit weighs 350 to 500 grams, and the yield is high.

The seedlings of this eggplant were raised in the open field(200 cell seedling trays). The seedlings were raised during the high temperature and rainy season, which is not conducive to the growth and development of the seedlings(plastic ground cover). It should be selected on a high terrain, which can be irrigated and drained, and the soil is fertile(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). Varieties with fast and other characteristics are generally sown in mid-to-late June and planted in mid-August.

Choose a method for seed disinfection to kill germs or inactivate viruses on the seeds(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). Strong growth potential, with 7 to 8 true leaves budding, 1 inflorescence every 1 leaf, long and narrow leaves, purple-black stems and veins, high compound flower rate and strong fruit-setting ability(72 cell tray). In the early and late stage, the yield is high, the growth is vigorous, the opening degree is medium, and the high yield is good.

If a seedbed is used to raise seedlings, 40% of decomposed cattle, 40% of garden soil, 20% of humic acid, and 500 grams of beneficial biological fertilizer can be used(6 inch plastic plant pots wholesale). Prepare a seedbed of 25 meters for every 667 meters, mix 1 kg of nutrient soil with 45% biopotassium, and fill it with a nutrient body of 8 cm × 10 cm, or flatten it for sowing(black plastic ground cover). The seedling age is 40 to 45 days. Ssangyong Kuaiqian is very precocious.

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