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Blueberry Plant Pots Wholesale

Blueberry is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value, which is often used for human body. In fact, blueberries can also be planted in blueberry plant pots. They can not only be appreciated, but also blossom and bear fruit at home. The fruit is big and sweet, safe and pollution-free.

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Blueberries can be seen in spring and bear fruit in summer. They can be planted not only in the field, but also in blueberry bush planters. Moreover, the technology of growing blueberries in containers has been very mature. As long as it is done, it can achieve results all over the branches, which is more than that in the field. So how to growing blueberries in pots?

1. Selection of blueberry seedlings

At present, there are many varieties of blueberries, and planting blueberries in containers is also very extensive, which are planted all over the country. However, due to the different climatic conditions in the north and south, the varieties that can be selected are also different. The climate in the south is humid and hot. It is more suitable to plant rabbit eye blueberries in blueberry plant pot. It can also be mixed with several varieties.

repotting blueberries

The climate in the north is dry, with low temperature in winter and large temperature difference in four seasons. Cluster blueberries are more suitable for planting in the north. High cluster blueberries are the basic varieties. Most orchards will plant multiple varieties together to pollinate each other and improve their fruit setting rate and fruit quality.

In the family blueberry pots planting method, 2-year-old or 3-year-old blueberry seedlings should be selected. Such seedlings and blueberry bush planters are easier to plant and survive. When selecting seedling species, it is best to choose Beilu, black pearl, Duke, Nanjin V3 and other varieties, which are more suitable for family potting.

The self pollination of rabbit eye blueberry, sharpland and O'Neill is not real, so pollination trees must be configured to give full results. It is not easy to choose this variety for family potting. The dwarf blueberry bush is only suitable for outdoor planting in the north, and other varieties can be used as family potting.

Blueberries can be planted all year round. The best time is to buy them from autumn to the second spring before germination. Blueberry seedlings in this period are easy to transport and simple to manage and plant. After planting in autumn, a small amount of flowering and fruiting can be achieved in the second year, and normal flowering and fruiting can be achieved in the third year. The full fruiting period is the fifth year. If the potted blueberry bush are properly managed, the fruiting period can be maintained for 35 years.

2. Best pots for blueberry bushes

In fact, growing blueberries in pots is a very simple thing. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The first step in planting blueberries is to choose a blueberry bush pots with good air permeability. When potting blueberries, blueberry plant pot with good permeability should be used, and blueberry bush planters are recommended. The oxygen in the air continuously provides the growth nutrition for blueberries through the blueberry pots soil.

First identify some flower soil with weak acidity, good air permeability and not easy to accumulate water, fill a small part of it into the blueberry planters, then put the healthy young blueberry plants into the blueberry bush pots, and fill the blueberry plant pot with the rest of the flower soil, so that the plants can stand upright normally. After that, put the blueberry bush planters in a warm position and slowly maintain it.

The root system of fruit is often more extensive and slender than that of flowers and plants. What follows is that they have a greater demand for growth space. So when we provide best pots for blueberries, we must choose large size blueberry planters, so as to make blueberries grow more smoothly.

Because blueberries have fibrous roots and shallow roots, it is forbidden to use deep blueberry plant pot. It is recommended to use 15cm plastic plant pots for small seedlings, and 25cm plastic plant pots for finished plants. It is forbidden to use large blueberry bush planters for small seedlings.

best pots for growing blueberries

With the blueberry pots, the next thing we need is the best soil for blueberries in pots. When preparing the blueberry planters soil, we can mix some organic fertilizer with the fluffy blueberry pots soil. This not only solves the problem of air permeability, but also solves the problem of nutrition. It can reduce many unnecessary troubles in your subsequent planting.

3. Best soil for blueberries in pots

At present, blueberry bush potted are more popular in the south, because most of the potting soil for blueberries in the south is acidic, and the blueberry plant pot soil can make blueberries grow well without acidic treatment. However, the soil in the north is alkaline, so it is necessary to acidify the blueberry bush pots nutrient soil.

For potted blueberry bush in the north, the blueberry pots soil can be mixed with 3 parts of garden soil, 3 parts of rotten leaf soil, 3 parts of river sand and 1 part of rotten organic fertilizer. Such blueberry planters nutrient soil is acidic, loose, permeable and fertile, which is very suitable for the growth of blueberry roots. For blueberry container planting, we must use acidic potting soil for blueberries. The blueberry bush pots soil should contain sufficient organic matter, which can make blueberries grow better.

Blueberry plants in pots will grow faster and stronger in the appropriate pot soil. The drainage of blueberry planters soil with pH value of 4.0-5.5 should also be guaranteed, but blueberries in pots prefer water, so it is also necessary to add some expanded perlite, vermiculite, peat soil or compost soil to the blueberry plant pot soil, which can increase the acidity of blueberry pots soil and improve the water retention of blueberry bush planters soil.

When we grow blueberries on balcony, the light is sufficient, the temperature is too high, the soil evaporation is large, and the soil of the blueberry bush planters will be flooded by salt. Therefore, we should wash the salt regularly. We can prepare a bucket of water, soak the pot for blueberry bush in it, then take out the planters for blueberries, drain the water, repeat it several times, wash the salt thoroughly and wash away the toxic substances in the blueberry bush planters.

If we don't wash the blueberry planters with salt, the pH value of the blueberry pots soil will change. Last time, we need to add acid to keep the low pH in the salinization and acidification cycle. Doing so will increase the salinity in the blueberry plant pot soil and eventually lead to drought and death of the blueberries, which is very bad for the blueberries in containers. Therefore, washing the salt in time is a very important thing. The growth condition of blueberry bush in pot is acidic soil. Blueberry bush in container can grow well only in acidic blueberry plant pot soil.

4. Growing blueberries in pots

Before planting, place the seedlings in a cool and ventilated place for about 2 hours, and then plant them in the blueberry planters. When planting, first lay a layer of stones at the bottom of the blueberry plant pot, add the prepared blueberry pots soil, add base fertilizer above the blueberry bush pots soil, then implant the seedlings into the blueberry bush planters, finally sprinkle a layer of soil, gently compact the blueberry planters soil, and pour water once. After planting, put the blueberry plants in pots in a cool and ventilated place for about 7 days, and then move them to the sun.

blueberry bush care in pots

After growing blueberry plants in pots, they should be watered once. This time, they should be watered enough and thoroughly to keep the soil in the blueberry bush planters completely wet. However, it should be noted that there should be no ponding. Then cover them with a thin layer of soil or plastic film and keep them in a place with sufficient scattered light. It only takes about 30 days for the blueberries to survive.

Blueberry seedlings are generally planted by buying bare root shrubs directly in the market or online. It is most suitable for planting blueberry bushes in pots in winter. It doesn't matter to plant blueberries in four seasons for pot conservation. For the first planting of bare root blueberries, you can pour some rooting solution to promote rooting and germination. After planting, the blueberry bush planters must be watered with water.

If it is a blueberry planted and maintained in the ground, it needs appropriate spacing. You can plant more than one blueberry every one meter. Some blueberries are self pollinated. These varieties can complete pollination by themselves. If there are other varieties nearby, their yield will increase a lot. It is best to raise more blueberries at home.

5. Potted blueberry bush environment

Blueberry is a kind of fruit that likes light very much. It can tolerate semi cloudy environment, but if you want it to turn out, put it in a place with more than 6 hours of direct light every day. Growing blueberry bushes requires large tree plant pots, which are a kind of shrub fruit. Too small blueberry planters can't grow blueberries. When we growing blueberries in grow bags, the soil temperature should not be too high, and the soil temperature of blueberry bush planters should not exceed 18-20 degrees. 

When we caring for blueberry plants in pots, we should pay attention to shade preparation and replenish water to blueberries in time. Blueberry tree in pot like the sun. During the growth period, they should be placed in a sunny place to receive light, and ventilation should be maintained at high temperature. In terms of temperature, the most suitable temperature is between 16 and 25 ℃.

In winter, you should pay attention to keeping warm, but don't put potted blueberries next to heating facilities. Just keep the temperature above 6 ℃. Potted blueberries avoid crowding. Only one blueberry seedling can be planted in each blueberry plant pot. If you want to plant more, you need more blueberry pots. Don't plant several blueberries in one blueberry planter. It's difficult to grow fruits.

6. Blueberry potting watering

Blueberry bush is a drought tolerant fruit tree, but it is not resistant to water logging. Therefore, when watering the potted blueberry bush, we should pay attention not to water frequently. Generally, the soil of the blueberry bush planters is dry and wet. How can you see dry and wet? Usually, when the soil humidity of the blueberry plant pot is lower than 60%, it needs watering. If you do not know how to judge can use the soil humidity detector to measure it, and it can be measured soon. At that time, watering can be carried out according to the data.

pot for blueberry plant

If there is less rain on the blueberries raised outdoors, it is necessary to water the blueberries regularly. It is best to water them with rain. People in the North should avoid watering them directly with tap water, otherwise it is easy to make the blueberry pots soil alkaline, and the blueberry planters soil alkaline. Blueberries are easy to turn yellow and affect the flowering and fruit. Keep the slightly acidic blueberry plant pot soil. Usually, you can use the blueberry bush planters to store some rain at home. 

Blueberries have shallow root distribution and are sensitive to lack of water. They should always keep the blueberry bush pots soil moist without ponding, which is also different in different growing seasons of blueberries. In the blueberry vegetative growth stage, the most suitable water conditions can always be maintained to promote plant strength. In the blueberry fruit development stage and before fruit maturity, the water supply must be appropriately reduced to prevent too fast vegetative growth from competing with the fruit for nutrients.

After fruit harvest, the most suitable water supply can be restored to promote vegetative growth. Reduce the water supply from mid autumn to late autumn, so as to enter the dormancy period in time. In order to maintain the acidity of blueberry pots soil, it is recommended to apply 500ml of vinegar at 3 ~ 5 degrees every month, including half a tablespoon of vinegar.

7. Best fertilizer for blueberries in pots

When planting blueberry seedlings in planter for blueberry bush, we need to use rotten leaf soil as the base fertilizer. This kind of fertilizer for blueberries in pots is more breathable, but it doesn't have much nutrition. We need to add some rotten animal manure, which is the best fertilizer for blueberries in pots.

When it grows to verdant, we can use chemical fertilizer, but don't apply too much fertilizer at one time, and we need to apply less fertilizer frequently. Caring for blueberry bushes in pots, you need to give some acid fertilizer regularly, avoid the alkaline soil in the blueberry bush planters, and give some ferrous sulfate regularly. 

For blueberry bush care in pots, it is best to choose some varieties that bloom in spring. When blueberries are just pregnant with flower buds, you also need to supplement fertilizer appropriately. Organic fertilizer is recommended. The effect of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer and mixed organic fertilizer is better than that of single fertilizer; The best ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is 1:1:1.

Blueberries are sensitive to chlorine. Do not use chlorine containing fertilizers such as ammonium chloride and potassium chloride. In addition, blueberries are sensitive to fertilizer. If you accidentally apply too much fertilizer, it will cause root burning and seedling burning. I don't recommend applying more fertilizer. Generally, topdressing once a half month is enough. You can use some special fruit and vegetable nutrient solution to dilute and irrigate the roots.

Or ammonium sulfate and diammonium phosphate can also be used, in which ammonium sulfate can reduce the pH value of blueberry pots soil. Here is a trick. Adding some crushed stones to the blueberry plant pot soil can often strengthen the roots of plants and have unexpected effects. For people who don't want to use organic fertilizer, they can also choose some animal manure. Blueberries are more delicious and can meet the requirements of natural nutrition.

8. Pruning blueberry bushes in pots

Planting blueberries requires proper pruning, especially the blueberry plants in pots. If you see blueberries bloom in the first year of planting, be sure to cut off all their flowers. There is no fruit in the first year. Even if it does, its fruit will be too small to eat. I will cut off the flowers of blueberries at home for the first time. After each fruit bearing, it can be properly pruned to maintain a good plant type, promote branching and facilitate more flowering and fruiting.

blueberry pots

In the first growing season of blueberry colonization and survival, cut as little or no as possible, so as to expand the amount of crown and branches as quickly as possible. When pruning blueberry young trees in the first three years in winter, it is mainly to remove the lower thin and weak branches, drooping branches, horizontal branches, Cross branches, over dense branches and overlapping branches of bore branches in the tree crown. Flower buds at the top of branches can be cut off by slight short cutting.

In daily management, we should often pruning blueberries in pots to maintain its balance of tree shape and density of branches, so as to ensure that each branch of blueberry can receive sunlight, fully absorb nutrition, cut off redundant branches, promote the development of branches, make more complete use of fertilizer, and the quality of blueberry fruit is better. Whether potted or ground grown blueberries, cut off the branches at the bottom, clean up the diseased leaves and branches, clean up the fallen leaves on the blueberry planters soil, and properly trim the branches that grow too vigorously.

9. Blueberry bushes diseases and pests

Powdery mildew is the most common disease of blueberry bushes. This fungal disease is easy to cause the leaves to turn brown, which will seriously cause the blueberry bushes to hang up. Improper treatment will reduce the yield of blueberry bushes. Once you see that blueberries are infected with fungal diseases, you must remove them in time. You can prepare some insecticides at home and spray them in time if you find pests.

The more common pests of blueberries include blueberry shoot borers, which are easy to cause dry leaves and wilting of branches. We should also pay attention to prevent cherry sword Spodoptera and weevil. The best way to growing blueberries in pots is to cover it with appropriate medium. Every year, the blueberry pots is covered with a layer of wood chips or peat soil 4-10cm thick, which helps to regulate water and avoid weeds. If blueberries start to bear fruit, it's best to protect them with something in a grid like mosquito net to avoid being eaten by birds.

The above are the methods and maintenance points of growing blueberries in containers. Rabbit eye blueberries with tall plants can be planted in the south, which has strong adaptability to the environment. Friends who like to eat blueberries can master the above methods and plant one in a blueberry plant pot. When the whole blueberry turns blue and tastes sour and sweet, you can pick it. When picking, put it in a shallow and breathable plastic box or a shallow wooden plate to keep the fruits breathable.

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