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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Pots

Spring is a good season for raising flowers. Everyone likes to plant all kinds of beautiful flowers and plants on the balcony or yard at home. Some people will choose to plant some potted fruit plants in plastic plant pots, so that they can not only watch, but also taste the fruits they have planted by themselves. Recently, friends often asked how to growing fig trees in containers? As long as potted fiddle leaf fig trees are maintained normally, they will also bear a lot of fruit. Now let's introduce how to growing a fig tree in a pot.

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Fig is an ancient fruit tree with beautiful plants and sweet fruits. It has high appreciation value and high edible and medicinal value. It is deeply loved by everyone. If you plant figs in fig tree planter, it will be a beautiful thing! If you want to enjoy it, you can see it and pick it if you want. It's really exciting! It's spring now. It's a good time to planting fiddle leaf fig in pot. You can take the opportunity to growing figs in pots. Interested friends, come and see how to growing figs in containers!

1. Seedling selection

Most fig trees are evergreen, and deciduous trees are also found in temperate regions. Fig has smooth trunk, beautiful plant shape and unique leaf shape. Its fruit is not only very sweet, but also nutritious. It not only has high ornamental value, but also is a kind of fruit with high market price. The indoor pot for fiddle leaf fig, which is very suitable for potted figs on balconies and courtyards.

Fig trees are usually 3 to 10 meters high and have many branches. Fig bark is grayish brown with obvious lenticels. Fig trees have thick leaves with small lobes at the edge. Fig trees are very unique in shape. Figs are dioecious. Their flowers are small and invisible to the naked eye. They produce pear shaped berries. Fig fruit is red or yellow and usually bears fruit in summer.


For fig planting, you can choose healthy seedlings born in the current year and plant them in the fig tree pots before the fruit trees germinate. You can also use the cutting method. In early spring, select the strong annual fig branches as cuttings and directly cut them into the fiddle leaf fig pot. Fig branches are very easy to take root, and cuttings with leaves are also easy to survive during the growth period.

2. Best pot for fiddle leaf fig

If you want to plant some fruit trees on the balcony, you can plant them directly in gallon pots. For woody plants like fig, the seedlings are generally slightly larger. The root system of fig is very developed, but its roots are not deep and generally develop horizontally. The pots for fig trees should be as large as possible.

Fig is a fast-growing plant. If it is well raised, its growth is very vigorous, and the plant grows very fast, so it is easy to grow luxuriant branches and leaves. The strong root system of fig can not only improve the absorption and supply capacity and improve the efficiency of nutrient absorption and transportation, but also occupy a lot of pot space.

If the diameter of the fig tree pots is too small, it is inappropriate for the developed root system like Fig. To grow healthily, there must be enough fig pots soil to meet the needs of fig root relaxation. Therefore, if potted figs are planted, the diameter of the fig planter should be as large as possible, so as to accommodate more soil. Otherwise, the root system cannot stretch normally in it, affecting the normal absorption.

Therefore, we must choose a large enough planter for fiddle leaf fig. In addition, the material of the fig tree planter needs good air permeability. The fig tree pots with good air permeability should be selected for planting figs. The volume of the fiddle leaf fig pot should be larger and not too shallow. As for the size of the fig tree pots, the bigger the fig tree planter, the better.

For potted fiddle leaf fig, you can usually prepare 2 gallon nursery pots or 3 gallon plant pots. If you can prepare 5 gallon nursery pots or 7 gallon nursery pots, it is very good. If you can prepare 10 gallon pot or 15 gallon nursery pots, it is quite luxurious. But for fig seedlings, using too large fig tree pots will be a waste, and it is not necessarily conducive to the growth of plants.

Therefore, we can consider preparing smaller 1 gallon nursery pots for fig during the seedling period, and we will consider changing the fig tree planter as the plant grows later. After all, the root system of fig is particularly developed. Changing fig planter regularly is often of great significance for plant growth and flowering and fruiting. Therefore, we should take the choice of pots for fiddle leaf fig tree seriously.

fiddle leaf fig planter

However, in addition to the size of the fiddle leaf pot, potted figs also have certain requirements for the material of the fig tree pots. Generally, it is not recommended to use porcelain pots. After all, the permeability of porcelain pots is too poor, which is neither breathable nor permeable. Watering too much is easy to cause ponding in the fiddle fig pot and damage the root system.

3. Best soil for fig trees in pots

There are two main elements to build the environment in the fiddle leaf fig tree planter: one is the selection of the plant pot for fiddle leaf fig, and the other is the preparation of the fig plant pot soil. These two factors are the two key factors that affect and restrict the normal growth of fig plants in the environment of fiddle leaf tree pot. If we match reasonably, figs can naturally grow luxuriant in such a fiddle fig planter environment.

The fig planted in the field is more barren and alkaline resistant. It is not strict with the soil, and there is no problem with some hardening of the soil. However, soil for fig tree in pot is very limited. If the simple garden soil is easier to harden, and the root system is surrounded by the hard pot soil and can not stretch, the figs will not grow well. Large potted fig tree soil must be selected correctly. Fig tree in pot is not resistant to water logging and likes loose, fertile and breathable pot soil.

Therefore, growing fig trees in containers can use loose river sand mixed garden soil, rotten leaf soil, etc. The most suitable is the humus soil under the mountain forest, which can not all be planted with ordinary pastoral soil. When preparing fig tree pots soil, one part of perlite, three parts of rotten leaf soil, three parts of pastoral soil, two parts of river sand and two parts of fertilizer can be used as planting culture soil after mixing it evenly.

3. Repotting fiddle leaf fig

Fig planting can be carried out before plant germination in spring, which is easier to survive. After preparing the fig tree planter, first pad the drainage hole at the bottom of the fig tree pots with tiles, and then fill in part of the prepared fig pots soil. You can also add a small amount of base fertilizer at the bottom of the fig planter, then repotting fiddle fig into tree pots, and then fill in the culture soil.

Press it gently with your hand to make the root system closely combine with the soil of the fig tree planter, pour water once, and place the fiddle leaf fig planter in a cool and ventilated place to slow the seedlings. When planting a fig tree in a pot, the bottom of the fig tree pots can be paved with some large stones or pinecones to promote its ventilation and drainage. After fig planting, the root system should not expose the soil surface of the fig tree planter. After fiddle leaf fig repotting, you can slightly mention the root to make it stretch, and then pour the fiddle leaf fig planter with water.

When changing the pots for fig trees, it is recommended to use tap water to wash the roots. The roots of fig are semi fleshy and easy to scratch and tear. Washing the fiddle leaf fig pot with clean water can avoid root damage. Before repotting a fiddle leaf fig, trim some long branches and thin branches to reduce the consumption of water and nutrients. The root system of fig should be properly combed and trimmed. The dense root system should be cut down a little, and the excessively long root system should be shortened.

It is recommended to use best soil for potted fig tree, which should meet the characteristics of loose and breathable, no hardening, no ponding, slightly acidic and light fertilizer. It is suggested that you can mix one-third of each (pastoral soil + humus soil + freshwater river sand), and then add some organic sheep manure.

fig tree planter

After changing the large pot for fiddle leaf fig, the fig should be maintained in a place with bright light and good ventilation. When the new buds emerge and the first leaf is mature and formed, the light should be slowly increased. Generally, it is recommended that about 3 hours is the best. After a month, move the fig tree pots to a place with sufficient light.

4. Watering fig trees in pots

Fig tree in planter like ground grown figs, are not resistant to water stains. However, because the water holding capacity of fig tree pots is not good enough, the watering of fig plant in pot is a knowledge, which can neither accumulate water nor dry. So we should observe frequently. Generally speaking, the surface of fig tree planter soil is dry three or four centimeters down, which means it needs watering.

Watering should be frequent, especially in spring and summer. If the fiddle leaf fig pot soil dries quickly, it is necessary to replenish water in time. Unless it is in a closed balcony or raised indoors, the watering shall be kept dry before watering. In the vigorous growth period of fig in spring, it is necessary to ensure sufficient water and keep the fiddle leaf fig planter soil slightly moist. The water evaporates quickly in summer, which is the period of fig fruit development. At this time, the soil in the fig planter cannot be too dry.

In addition to normal watering, water should be often sprayed on the leaves of fig to cool down. After the fig fruit expands, we should pay more attention to watering. Never too much, otherwise the fruit is easy to crack. If it is placed outdoors, we must pay attention to timely drainage in case of Rainstorm in summer and autumn. The watering frequency can be appropriately reduced in autumn. After entering winter, the fiddle leaf fig in planter is dormant and should be watered less.

Just provide proper water. No water in the fiddle fig tree pot is enough. Keep the soil in the planter for fiddle leaf fig tree dry in winter. Fig is a kind of plant that is slightly resistant to drought but not waterlogging. When planting fig in fig tree pots, watering shall be carried out according to the principle of watering when it is dry. Watering is easy to manage for figs. Fig in container are not delicate. Extensive management can also give you fruitful fruits. This is one of the reasons why figs are deeply loved.

5. Fertilizing fig trees in containers

If we growing figs in pots, we should pay attention to less nutrition and fruit, so as to meet the needs of the fig tree planter. To fertilize potted figs, we should pay attention to the use of rotten organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer in spring. Rotten organic fertilizer can improve fig tree pots soil and make figs stronger. Fiddle leaf fig pot soil is limited. If you want fig plant in pot to grow healthily, you must supplement sufficient fertilizer.

When repotting fig tree, sufficient base fertilizer should be added. Organic fertilizers such as dry chicken manure and dry sheep manure can be used. Do not fertilize the newly planted fig in a short time. At this time, fertilizing figs in containers too much and it is easy to be hurt by the fertilizer. After entering the growth period, organic fertilizer can be applied to Fig 1 ~ 2 times a month, such as fermented cake fertilizer water, rice washing water, etc.

fiddle leaf fig pot

Some fermented and rotten chicken manure, sheep manure and other organic fertilizers can also be applied to the fiddle leaf fig planter. During the growth period of fig, it can be supplemented with multi-element fertilizer. Diluted fertilizer and water can be used once every half a month, while compound fertilizer or plant ash can be used once in autumn. During the period of fig fruit bearing, it is necessary to increase the application amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.

It can often be watered with light potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution or phosphorus and potassium fertilizer such as calcium phosphate and bone powder to promote the development of fig fruit. In the fruit setting period, you can supplement it with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, or use your own retted bone meal, fish intestines water and so on to improve the fruit bearing rate and fruit setting rate. When fig sprouts in spring, when the temperature is 20 degrees, it can be fertilized in time.

Ordinary rotten organic fertilizer can be used. The use of compound fertilizer can not only promote the growth of branches and leaves of figs, but also promote the fruit of FIGS. Large potted fig tree can even have one leaf and one fruit. Thin fertilizer is applied frequently, and more rotten organic fertilizer is used. Rotten chicken manure, sheep manure, cow manure, bacterial fertilizer or cake fertilizer can be used to meet its needs of frequent fruit.

After summer, the fig fruit begins to expand. We can change the fertilization slightly, and change the compound fertilizer into nitrogen and potassium fertilizer, which can promote the expansion of the fruit and improve the quality of fig fruit at the same time. Fig tree in pot loves rotten organic fertilizer and calcium, so when we potted fig, we can use some rotten organic fertilizer as base fertilizer and mix some lime to meet the demand of fig for calcium.

6. Potted fig tree care

Fig is a plant that prefers light. In the process of fig tree care in pot, place the fig tree pots in a place with sufficient light and keep the environment well ventilated. If fig tree in pot are not exposed to light for a long time, there will be a phenomenon that only leaves will not bear fruit. Even the fruit will not be easy to mature and will soon wither. Therefore, sufficient sunlight can also promote the results of fig tree in container, and ensure sufficient lighting time at ordinary times.

The fig planted on the ground receives full-time sunshine every day, with good ventilation, and grows very strong. But potted figs don't have good lighting indoors, so the results will be affected. If planted on the balcony, the indoor planter for fiddle leaf fig should be placed where the sun shines for a long time. Only a sunny and ventilated environment is more conducive to the growth of fiddle leaf fig tree in pot.

Try to put the fiddle leaf fig pot on nanyangtai and open more windows for ventilation. If there are open cultivation conditions, try to put fiddle leaf fig planter outdoors. Insufficient light will affect the growth. If there is no sufficient light for a long time, it is difficult for figs to grow vigorously and bear fruit. Therefore, put fig planter in a place that can accept direct sunlight. Potted fiddle leaf fig tree usually need more sun and sufficient light, so they will not grow in vain, will not easily lose their leaves, and will bear more fruits.

fig planter

When caring for fig trees in containers, we should consider its growth characteristics. It likes plenty of sunshine and breathable environment, so we should give it plenty of sunshine and pay attention to ventilation. There are hundreds of figs in China. Different varieties of Figs have different cold resistance. Therefore, suitable Fig Varieties should be selected according to the local climate. Fig branches are more afraid of freezing, so potted fig tree winter care should be taken in severe cold weather.

Fiddle leaf fig in planter are best placed outdoors for maintenance during the growth period. In this way, the light is sufficient, and more importantly, the air permeability is relatively strong, which enhances the resistance of figs and rarely causes diseases and pests. If fig tree in a container can only be maintained indoors, we must guarantee the lighting and ventilation.

7. Pruning fig trees in pots

Many friends like to growing fig trees in containers, but as a potted plants, we don't want the fig tree to grow into a towering tree, otherwise the fig tree pots can't hold its roots. Since as a potted plant, it is not only required that the fig tree planter can accommodate the plant, but also needs to be coordinated with the plant. We need to control the height of fig plant shape and make the plant germinate more lateral branches as much as possible.

Therefore, we must control the size of fig plants and pruning potted fig trees in time. When the fig seedling grows to 40 or 50 cm, it can be cut and dried. The purpose is to control the height of the plant and promote the development of lateral branches to make the plant plump and beautiful. Generally speaking, three or four lateral branches can be retained, and the lateral branches can be simply pulled. This can improve the light transmission ability of fig, which is conducive to fig growth and fruit bearing.

Potted fiddle leaf fig tree has strong germination ability. The fig tree in planter can send out many branches from bottom to top. In the first year of planting fig, there is no need to prune and reshape it to grow naturally. When winter comes, according to the growth status of the branches, select some healthy fig branches to keep, then cut off the over dense and overlapping branches, and pick the heart in time to control the height of the trunk. In this way, the fig tree in pot will be more beautiful and bear more fruit.

8. How to prevent insects

Fig tree in container has few pests, but it does not mean that it is not infested. There are mainly two kinds of pests that potted fiddle leaf fig tree is easy to be infected with. The first is core worm, which is the most harmful pest. They will drill into the branches of potted fiddle leaf fig. In light cases, it will cause the drying of some branches, or even the death of fig plants in serious cases.

During the growth period, the prevention and control of drillworm is mainly based on observation. We see that there are insect eyes on the fig branches and find fresh insect dung, which means it's time to apply the medicine. At this time, we can use cotton ball, stick some Phoxim and block the insect eyes. Of course, you can also cut off the diseased branches of fig and kill the insects manually.

fig tree pots

In addition, a kind of insect pest is Starscream. The indoor cultivation of figs has poor ventilation and air permeability, and the air is dry. At this time, Starscream is easy to explode. In order to prevent Starscream, we should first pay attention to ventilation and air permeability. In addition, we should pay attention to reasonable water spraying and appropriate humidification, and do not create a favorite environment for Starscream. In addition, we should try to spray pyridaben in advance to prevent it in time.

When potted fig trees are ripe, they have the highest appreciation value. The red fruits make people salivate. When they are picked and tasted, they are sweet and charming. Of course, they can also be made into dry products. It is said that they can also treat many diseases and even prevent cancer! Now is the best season to growing fig trees in containers. If we are excited, we can growing a fig tree in a pot. It's really fascinating to think about it!

Fig has strong adaptability to the environment. It can be planted on the balcony and courtyard at home. Whether it is ground planting or growing figs in pots, it can bear fruit as long as it is properly maintained. Your can also be planted in fig tree pots, which can not only be used as potted plants to watch, but also taste sweet fruits.

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