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Bulk Buy 10 Inch Decorative Plastic Planter Online

It is also called vegetable dish. It is suitable for sowing in the warm southern region(greenhouse pots). Many people use it to match with bacon. The taste is perfect. Many areas have vegetable cultivation. Let's come together. Learn about its cultivation techniques. The cultivation time of the cabbage is generally in the spring and autumn, and the growth cycle is very short(black plastic plant pots). It takes about 40 days from sowing to harvesting, and the planting process is relatively simple.

The spacing between the small grooves is 10 cm(plastic seed trays). After the water is poured in the small ditch, the water can be poured more appropriately to facilitate the seed germination. After the water seeps, the seeds are sprinkled in the wet small ditch, and finally the small ditch is shovel. Sowing can be done by covering the seeds with the side soil(15 gallon nursery pots). Two days of real leaves can be grown in about 10 days, and it can grow to about ten centimeters in about 20 days.(bulk buy 10 inch decorative plastic planter online)

It takes about 3 days to produce a seedling, and the growth rate is also very fast(10 inch planter). After applying the fertilizer once, it is recommended to use the scented oil residue to soak the water, which not only makes the vegetable grow long and thick, but also very tender. 90% of the 90% or 60% of the Fluramine Emulsifiable Oil can be used in the range of 100 to 150ml per mu, diluted with 50kg of water and evenly sprayed on the surface of the soil(1020 seed trays). This can effectively prevent broadleaf weeds.

The amount of seed is 20.4~0.5 kg per 667 m(plastic growing trays). When the heart of the cabbage begins to form a vegetable raft, the depth of the small ditch is 2 cm, especially the aphids, cabbage caterpillars, and diamondback moths. When the vegetable cultivar grows to a height of about 30 cm, and it has just been opened, it can be picked(1 gallon plant pot). When picking, it can be cut more than three or four centimeters, so that it will produce the second branch of the leeks.

(bulk buy 10 inch decorative plastic planter online)Please topdress once. Caixin is a kind of green vegetable that many people like(seed starter trays). When the amaranth seedling height is about ten centimeters, it is necessary to replenish the seedlings. Plutella xylostella and cabbage caterpillar can be sprayed with BT; aphids can be sprayed with urinary washing agent and dimethoate(5 gallon planter). Caixin has strong resistance to pests and diseases, but in case of high temperature, it is also necessary to strengthen pest control.

Generally, when the local temperature reaches 15 °C in early spring, it can be sown(plastic grow pots). After mixing with 3~4 times of fine sand or grass ash, the strip is spread at a line spacing of 25 cm and sprinkled evenly. Face, do not cover the soil, keep the soil moist, 7 to 10 days to emerge. Amaranth can be planted in two seasons in the south, and it is planted in spring and autumn(grow bag wholesale price). Spring is planted in March-April and autumn in mid-September.(bulk buy 10 inch decorative plastic planter online)

Seeding can be carried out in the greenhouse or outdoors, and the general seedling days are about 30 days to determine the sowing date(square nursery pots). Use ordinary nursery bed soil as seeding bed soil, seed mixed with plant ash or fine sand evenly on the surface of the seedbed, the seeding amount should not exceed 0.2g per square meter(19cm plant pots), the surface of the sputum will make the seeds fully contact with the soil, and should be sufficient when indoors. illumination.

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