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That is to say, it can be hydroponically cultivated(large plastic plant pots for trees). How does the money grass seed be hydroponically cultivated? In fact, among many plants, money grass is the easiest. Hydroponics, so you don't have to worry about whether hydroponics can be successful(buy nursery pots). Knowing how to raise, we also need to understand its reproduction, the following is a small series for everyone to introduce the breeding methods of two kinds of money grass.

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Hydroponic money grass is easy, but there is a difficulty(vegetable growing trays). Everyone should notice that it is difficult to fix the money grass, because it has long grass stems and large leaves, it is easy to fall down because of the top-heavy weight, which eventually leads to bad looks. Therefore, for the health of money grass, when hydroponic money grass, you should choose different hydroponic methods, and you can add soil when appropriate(small square plant pots). After all, the best breeding method for money grass is half soil and half water.

(bulk buy plastic succulent plug trays cheap)We are introducing Potted Moneyweed, but those who love flowers should know that money-raising can be done without soil(grass growing trays). We can cut it into independent ones, 1-3 roots, and you can choose according to the actual situation. Be careful not to break the leaves or stems. Choose a reasonable utensil, the money grass seed is ready, and then it is placed(large round plastic planters). At this time, the flower friend only needs to put the cleaned money grass in the utensil and put it into the water.

In the cultivation of money grass(1 gallon grow pots), the technique of hydroponic money grass, to treat the rhizome before hydroponic money grass, to treat its roots, take some of the stems of the money grass and put it on the mud (the shaved money grass also OK), money grass is a continuous life, so in order to look better(viagrow pots), it is worth mentioning that if the money grass can not be fixed in the utensils, you can put some stones or the like for fixing, or sand can be.(bulk buy plastic succulent plug trays cheap)

If the previous money grass is soiled, you need to rinse the roots(plastic plant pots nz). We need to pay attention, so let it shine in every direction, so it grows faster. For many people, raising money and grass is the effect and effect of money and grass, but some people want to raise more beautiful, how to raise money and grass is beautiful, you can see the following two points: If you want money If the value of the grass is higher(128 cell plug flats), you can choose some glassware as a flower pot, the effect is very good.(bulk buy plastic succulent plug trays cheap)

In fact, in the water temperature, simple sheds depending on the weather and the degree of healing of the interface(three gallon pot), remove the grafting clips, the money grass should be cut off frequently, some too crowded leaves can be cut off or changed basins, usually about three months, because the roots in the pot It grows too crowded, the water is easy to dry, the money grass is easy to be malnourished(square plastic plant pots), and the dense money grass is transplanted into another pot, which will not only affect the growth of the money grass, but also make it look more beautiful.

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