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Bulk Buy 4 Inch Heavy Duty Plastic Plant Pots

Fertilization of asparagus should be applied in combination with organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Organic fertilizers contain comprehensive nutrients, long fertilizer efficiency, and can improve soil structure, which is conducive to the development of asparagus roots and improve soil water retention and fertility. Therefore, the application of organic fertilizer asparagus has a significant yield-increasing effect(1 gallon nursery pots supplier). Adding organic fertilizer is an important aspect of asparagus fertilization.

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Phosphate fertilizer is better than superphosphate(large plastic terracotta pots). It not only contains phosphorus, but also contains calcium and sulfur. It is also a necessary nutrient for the growth of asparagus. Potassium is better for potassium. Chloride ion has a certain effect on improving the resistance of asparagus, but On the saline-alkaline soil, potassium sulfate is preferred(2 gallon nursery pots supplier). Modulation of seedling culture soil in seedbed. The culture soil must be rich in nutrients and good physical and chemical conditions. 

(bulk buy 4 inch heavy duty plastic plant pots)Before the plants enter the autumn hair, the cultivated soil can be fertile loam(nursery plant pots), decomposed ring fertilizer and livestock manure, large dung, and ash. 6 parts of sifted loam, 4 parts of decomposed cattle and horse manure, and 4 parts of ring fertilizer. After mixing evenly, mix 15-20 kg of dried manure or dried chicken manure per cubic meter(3 gallon nursery pots supplier), 0.5-1 kg of superphosphate, 5-gram of ash 10 kg or three compound fertilizer 1-1.5 kg. After tillage, it is fine and flat. 

Chemical fertilizers contain a large amount of nutrients(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), and the intensity of staged fertilizer supply is large, which plays an important role in the production of asparagus. The ratio is: in terms of the type of fertilizer used, the nitrogen fertilizer is preferably urea and ammonium nitrate, and they are all physiologically neutral fertilizers. Mix well and fill in the impotence or arch shed, 14 cm thick(5 gallon nursery pots supplier). After 1 month of planting, the young plants have slowed down the seedlings and gave birth to new shoots.

(bulk buy 4 inch heavy duty plastic plant pots)For the loose and fertile soil environment, the soil should be deeply ploughed before planting(square grow pots). Before the ploughing, the organic fertilizer is applied to every 6006.7 square meters of 2000-3000 kg. In the depth and width of 40 cm of the planting ditch, layered fertilized organic fertilizer 3000-4000 kg, nitrogen, phosphorus, ternary compound fertilizer 40 kg (or 25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate, 50 kg of superphosphate(7 gallon nursery pots supplier), chlorine Potassium (15 kg), rotten cake fertilizer 25-50 kg.

They must be given enough water and nutrients(cell trays). At this time, they can be applied with quick-acting fertilizers, 8-10 kg per 667 square meters of urea or 10-20 kg of ternary compound fertilizer. Ditching and chasing livestock and poultry manure or other organic fertilizers 3000-4000 kg, 10 kg of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, to promote autumn hair(14 gallon nursery pots supplier), expand plant assimilation area, accumulate more assimilates, and lay the foundation for the next year's harvest.

In order to ensure the normal growth during the autumn period(gallon pot), promote plant production and accumulate more photosynthetic products, in order to promote its growth and development, the culture soil is the basis for the cultivation of asparagus and strong seedlings. 5 parts of clean garden soil, 2-3 parts of decomposed piled manure, 1 part of river mud, 1 part of plant ash, 2%-3% of superphosphate(plastic plant trays wholesale), fully mixed, and mixed with water until the hand is held into a group, and the floor is scattered. "Degree.(bulk buy 4 inch heavy duty plastic plant pots)

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