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Cheap 100mm Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Price

It is easy to develop when it is hot and rainy in summer(large black plant pots). We can use carbendazim or other chemicals to mix with water for prevention. Treatment with 45% carbendazim 500 times solution was given every three days. For powdery mildew, we removed the diseased leaves in time and chose 2300 times of 30% difenoconazole cream for treatment(20 gallon plastic pots). The temperature difference between early and late in the early spring season is very big.

Our topdressing time is better from the beginning of harvesting to the harvesting period(seedling trays). When the gourd grows to the size of the egg, we will erect the vine, and when the hoist grows to more than four pounds, we will start to flatten the melon on the soil. It is not enough to look at the theory of flowering and light. It is necessary to practice(plug plant trays). It is recommended that novice flower friends start with some common grasses and raise the common grass.(cheap 100mm plastic plant pots wholesale price)

Knowing your own conditions and understanding the habits of flowers, the next step is to practice(plastic planter pots). Generally, the method of opening the window can be adopted about 10 days before leaving the room to make it gradually Adapt to the outside temperature. Bitter melon is like wet fat, and the yield is high under the condition of sufficient water and fertilizer, and the quality is good(2 gallon plastic nursery pots). On the basis of applying the base fertilizer, it is necessary to topdress.

Bitter gourd is a nitrogen-type vegetable: that is, for every 1000 kilograms of bitter gourd produced, an average of 5.277 kilograms of nitrogen(propagation trays australia), 1.761 kilograms of phosphorus, and 6.666 kilograms of potassium are absorbed from the soil. The bitter gourd has a long growing period, strong ability to continuously flower and melon(cheap plastic garden pots), high yield, large amount of fertilizer, and more nitrogen in the early stage, mainly phosphorus and potassium in the middle and late stages.

(cheap 100mm plastic plant pots wholesale price)Although bitter gourd is resistant to fertilizer, the fertilizer is slightly thicker and will burn the seedlings(cheap small plant pots), so the top dressing should pay attention to the light and heavy. After planting, combined with pouring slow seedling water, 5 kg of urea per mu, 2 kg of biological potassium fertilizer or 5 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate(square succulent pots), and then apply the seedling fertilizer according to the appropriate amount of seedlings, and the weak seedlings are mainly fertilized.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure sufficient supply of water and fertilizer, especially in the fruiting period(6 inch plastic nursery pots). After harvesting the second melon, place the fruit fertilizer at a distance of 15-20 cm from the root, and apply 20-30 kg of nitrogen and phosphorus-potassium compound fertilizer per mu to prevent premature aging(succulent pots in bulk). In case of continuous rain, attention should be paid to drainage and spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate 2~3 times. I want to plant a gourd friend. 

Before watering, urea or compound fertilizer should be applied at 7 to 10 kilograms per acre(6 inch plastic plant pots). The principle of fertilization in the protected area should be dominated by farmyard manure, supplemented by chemical fertilizers; farmyard manure and phosphorus, potash fertilizer and a small amount of urea-based application(plastic flower pots wholesale), and the remaining nitrogen fertilizers should be applied with water. In case of drought, water should be poured every 7 days.(cheap 100mm plastic plant pots wholesale price)

Use a rod to blink the top dressing, generally using urea(4 inch nursery pots). There are conditions to choose farmer's fertilizer with high carbon and nitrogen and full maturity. In the case of blight, the bitter gourd has a long growth period and the harvest period lasts for more than three months. Well, I am here first. If you are a southerner, it is best to go to late March(2.5 inch plastic plant pots). Planting began in early April, and the words of northern friends will be more suitable in the second half of April.

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