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Cheap 20 Inch Plastic Flower Pots Wholesale

It can also be used for pharmaceuticals, making lavender pillows, refining fragrances and making perfumes(plastic nursery pots). In order to give the family a healthy environment, many friends also plant lavender in their own homes. How to sown lavender seeds? How to improve the germination rate of lavender? This problem is not a problem for flower-raising masters, but many of them are very difficult to raise friends, and it is not so easy to raise flowers(8.89cm square grow pots). Technology and patience.

(cheap 20 inch plastic flower pots wholesale)Lavender seed sowing time is very important, try not to plant the seasons(wholesale nursery pots), because lavender is not heat-resistant, so the best sowing season for lavender is spring-based, of course, autumn sowing, the best germination temperature of lavender seeds is 15 °C-20 °C. Seed treatment: The germination temperature of lavender seeds is 15-25 °C. Because of its long dormancy period(11.43cm square grow pots), it is necessary to soak seeds for 9 hours and sow seeds before sowing. The germination time is about 2 weeks.

Let the pot absorb moisture from the bottom and dip it for a few minutes(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Before the seeds of lavender sprout, put them in a cool place. Generally, they can germinate in about 5-10 days. After germination, the lavenders will be moved to a bright place for conservation. Because it is spread, the sprouts may be very dense and need appropriate seedlings (that is, Excess seedlings are removed(heavy duty gallon pot). After germination, the lavender should be kept in a dry environment to cultivate seedlings.

(cheap 20 inch plastic flower pots wholesale)Lavender is very suitable, it not only has a beautiful appearance(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), but also has a high ornamental value. Seed sowing: Seeds of lavender can be sowed and sown on the surface. The surface is covered with soil for 3 mm. As for the medium, ordinary medium can be used. As far as possible, it is guaranteed to be breathable and permeable. After sowing, the flower pot is immersed in water (the water level is at the waist position of the pot). Yes), patience can be cultivated by everyone(11.43cm square nursery pots), then planting techniques will be explained to you by Xiaobian.

The reason for the low germination rate of lavender seeds: including the temperature, humidity, light, soil, etc(black plastic nursery pots). required for their germination, is very critical. Maintenance management: The sowing period is generally selected in spring. After underwater seepage, the effect will be very poor. It can be made by wooden board. If it is not treated with gibberellin, it will take more than one month to germinate(heavy duty plant pots). Finally, the seedling box should be immersed in water. In the north, there should be insulation measures in the winter.(cheap 20 inch plastic flower pots wholesale)

Because if the branches are too long, when it snows in winter(plug trays wholesale), so the seeding and seedlings reach a longer flowering period, so it is not necessary for the family to raise flowers. The osmanthus fruit matures from April to May, and can be harvested when the peel changes from green to purple. The seeds have a post-ripening effect. At least half a year of sand storage time is required. After harvesting, the water is piled up, the flesh is removed, and the seeds are naturally air-dried in a cool place(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). The sand is stored in the sand, and the sand can be planted in autumn or spring.

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