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The potted plant has a perfect plant type, and the potted sweet-scented osmanthus has not only high ornamental value(4 cell trays bulk), but also aroma when blooming, which can bring a good experience to the sense of sight and smell. Therefore, there are quite a few potted friends in the family potted sweet-scented osmanthus, and some of them have even made it into an artistically fascinating pottery landscape for appreciation(plastic nursery pots).

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However, the topping of potted sweet-scented osmanthus is not achieved in one step, and it can be achieved in one step(6 cell trays bulk). In the different growth stages of sweet-scented osmanthus, it is often necessary to perform topping to improve the plant type and promote branching, and at the same time, there are flowers that can bloom as many times as possible(cheap 14 inch plastic planter wholesale supplier). Therefore, it is very important to grasp the timing of topping.

Because the evergreen plant itself is more resistant to pruning and has a stronger germination ability(wholesale nursery pots), so you don't have to worry about whether it will inhibit its normal growth after topping(cheap 14 inch plastic planter wholesale supplier). However, potted sweet-scented osmanthus can have an attractive plant type and growth and flowering effect, and often has an important connection with topping.

Topping too early or too late is not good for potted sweet-scented osmanthus(8 cell trays bulk). However, when we are picking the sweet-scented osmanthus, we must master the timing and techniques or techniques. Because if you pick the heart too early, it may inhibit the sprouts from sticking, and may even let them wither, which is contrary to the purpose of our topping(cheap 14 inch plastic planter wholesale supplier).

Do not blindly pick the heart, especially when the new shoots of the plant grow to a certain height, you can pick the heart, otherwise it may affect its plant type, and even inhibit growth, thus affecting the late flowering effect(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Under normal circumstances(12 cell trays bulk), when the sweet-scented osmanthus sprouts sprouts, you should not rush to pick the heart, but the original is to wait until it grows to the appropriate length. 

Because the topping is mainly to control the height of the plant and promote the branching of the new branches(plug trays wholesale), so that the plant type of the potted plants is more beautiful and the amount of flowering is more.As for the height of the potted sweet-scented osmanthus, it can be topped, and 20 kilograms per acre(18 cell trays bulk). Of course, it may also affect its germination(cheap 14 inch plastic planter wholesale supplier).

For the small seedling trunk, it can be topped up when it is about 20 centimeters, and of course it is decided according to its own breeding needs. For the topping of the side branches, it is usually waited until the side branches grow to 10-15 cm. But in general, to increase the workload, the topping of the potted sweet-scented osmanthus(black plastic nursery pots), usually wait until the new shoots become a branch to pick the heart.

If the topping is too late, especially when the branches are lignified, it is not easy to control the at least the length by the topping. So, is it better to pick up the osmanthus sprouts? If the topping is too early, it may affect its branching(36 cell trays bulk). It is easy to destroy the plant type(cheap 14 inch plastic planter wholesale supplier). Therefore, it is often necessary to use a pruning method to shorten or shrink, and it may also change the shape of the pot(plastic nursery pots manufacturers).

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