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Cheap 4 Inch Square Plastic Plant Pots UK

The cauliflower belongs to the cruciferous plant cabbage, which is served by huge flower buds and is a very precious vegetable(gallon plant pot). Rich in nutrients, rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. And often eat cauliflower has the effect of refreshing throat, opening sound, moistening lungs, and relieving cough, so it is very popular among people(square nursery pots). So what are the precautions for planting cauliflower and the technical points of fertilization? Let's take a look!(cheap 4 inch square plastic plant pots uk)

The top dressing is generally carried out in the early stage of flower formation(cell trays), with quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer and potash fertilizer as the main Professional growers introduced that in the mid-late maturing varieties cultivated in autumn, in addition to sufficient base fertilizer, there should be 2 to 3 times of topdressing(seed starter trays). The amount of base fertilizer should be more fertilized than that of early spring ripening, and the topdressing fertilizer should still be based on available nitrogen and potassium fertilizers.

The second time is the ball fertilizer, usually before the formation of the flower ball(plastic grow pots). In addition to the base fertilizer (accounting for more than half of the total fertilizer), in addition to the decomposed base fertilizer, the appropriate amount of available nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer should be applied. For example, trace elements such as molybdenum and boron are generally applied with the base fertilizer(wholesale greenhouse pots). Therefore, under the premise of applying the base fertilizer, timely topdressing.(cheap 4 inch square plastic plant pots uk)

Decomposed chicken manure, manure, biogas slurry, grass ash, etc.(propagation tray), chemical fertilizers include urea, calcium, ammonium bicarbonate, diammonium phosphate, potassium sulfate and other compound fertilizers, trace element fertilizers, etc. in early spring ripening, cauliflower as a shallow root Plants, both wet and fearful of cockroaches, generally require loose soil for normal growth and good fertilizer retention(greenhouse supplies pots). Therefore, in the production, high-quality organic fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer.

The organic fertilizer in the base fertilizer should be applied before ploughing, while the inorganic fertilizer is applied during the whole planting or planting(gallon nursery pots). A good quality flower ball must have a strong leaf cluster as a guarantee. It is required to meet its demand for water and nutrients in a timely manner, so that the plants grow vigorously in a timely manner(flat plastic tray), so that they can form sufficient nutrient area in the number of leaves before the current ball.(cheap 4 inch square plastic plant pots uk)

Due to the application of farmyard manure, the advantage of this is that the probability of occurrence of trace element deficiency can be reduced to some extent(162 cell trays bulk). If the mulch film and the small arch shed are covered and cultivated, the method of ditching the base fertilizer and then replanting may be adopted(200 cell trays bulk). The first top dressing was slow seedling fertilizer, which was carried out 7 to 10 days after planting, and the main effect was nitrogen fertilizer. 

(cheap 4 inch square plastic plant pots uk)The mulch film is in contact with the ground, and the water retention and water retention are good(plug trays). Top dressing is generally carried out at the beginning of flower ball formation. Due to the short development time of the flower bulb and the large amount of fertilizer required, it is necessary to use quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer and potassium fertilizer(112 cell trays bulk), or a compound fertilizer (such as potassium nitrate) and a compound fertilizer with a high proportion of nitrogen and potassium.

This top dressing is the key to the balling(black plastic plant pots). It is mainly based on quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer and potash fertilizer. Due to the large amount of topdressing fertilizer, in order to prevent the soil salt ion concentration from being too high and affecting the absorption of calcium, it is best to use the quick-acting nitrogen-potassium compound fertilizer and the basic fertilizer to apply phosphorus(288 cell trays bulk). Insufficient, this time, you can apply NPK three-element compound fertilizer.

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