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As a traditional flower plant, evergreen leaves are evergreen all the year round, so it is called "evergreen"(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). As a kind of Foliage potted plant, it will not wither even in winter. Compared with many other flowers and plants, it can be more enjoyable(288 cell tray). In order to keep the potted evergreen plants green all the year round, the management and use methods in the maintenance process are very important, especially the watering management.

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The scientific and reasonable application of watering methods provides a strong guarantee for the healthy growth of plants(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). Next, let's share the potted evergreen watering method. Potted evergreen water, often need to grasp several important periods. In the growing season, the principle of "prefer wet to dry" is usually adopted, because evergreen prefers wet growing environment(50 cell plug flats). If water is often scarce, it is easy to cause various adverse growth reactions such as yellow leaves.(cheap bulk pots for sale usa)

Especially in the period of vigorous growth, sufficient water should be given to maintain the growth needs. In spring, the basin soil should be kept moist and watered every 2-3 days(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). In the environment with hot weather and high temperature, especially in summer, we also need to spray leaf water and ground water frequently to cool and moisturize(small square plastic plant pots), at the same time, we can maintain the brightness and luster of the leaves, and improve the ornamental of potted evergreen.

As evergreen likes to be wet, we need to do a good job in terms of soil humidity and air humidity(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). Watering and sprinkling are very important to it. In summer, it is advisable to make up water every day, but in the morning and evening. However, after autumn, the water demand or consumption of the plants gradually decreased because of the cool weather and the gradually low temperature(72 plug tray). In order to control the water supply in time, it is usually better to "see the dry and see the wet" soil in the basin.

(cheap bulk pots for sale usa)Therefore, watering in autumn can also promote the development and formation of fruits. In winter, due to the low temperature, watering should be strictly controlled(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). In order to ensure that the plants can survive the winter smoothly and reduce the phenomenon of yellow leaves, fallen leaves and rotten roots, watering can be properly controlled to keep the basin soil dry(15 gallon black plastic pots). Generally, the water can be watered every 10 days or so, and the lower the room temperature is, the less water will be watered.

Therefore, in addition to normal watering management, watering is usually increased in the growing period(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). Not only that, after all, watering is one of the most frequently used and important means in the process of potted flower plant maintenance and management(buy plastic flower pots online). In winter, the air is often dry, especially in the south, so it is necessary to spray water to maintain a certain humidity, and at the same time, it is also possible to clean the leaves with warm water to keep the leaves green.(cheap bulk pots for sale usa)

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