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In the later stage of maintenance(cheap plastic hanging baskets), excessive moisture shall be avoided, and the light can be maintained for more than two hours, and the method of "see dry watering" shall be adopted. It should be observed from time to time that the dripping Guanyin after rotten root treatment will sprout new branches in about one month(fabric bags wholesale), and the damaged parts and recovery of rotten root treatment will be achieved.

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At ordinary times, sufficient nutrients should be guaranteed(plastic hanging baskets wholesale), and preventive measures should be taken for all kinds of diseases and insects. One week after the rotten root of Dishui Guanyin, the change is great, but one week later, it is still in the phenomenon of withering, yellowing, and the root obviously becomes soft, then the rotten root treatment fails(black fabric bag), and the plant is difficult to recover, at this time, it should be discarded.(cheap 5 inch plastic plant pots manufacturer)

The daily treatment of fertilizer and water should choose the less irritant fertilizer to avoid the damage to the root and the injury that is difficult to recover(succulent pots online). Therefore, it can be kept for about twice a month for disinfection treatment. In the case of whole leaf pruning, cut off from the base of petiole without damaging the main stem(4 inch pots bulk). Add a few drops of special nutrient solution for hydroponics flowers (the concentration of nutrient solution should be prepared according to the instructions).

Guanyin dripping water after re cultivation of rotten roots is in the stage of extremely easy infection(bulk grow bags). When pruning the yellow leaves, they must be cut together with the petioles! Especially, dripping Guanyin is easy to immerse people in a warm dream. If it is broken, it should be cut off(large potting pots). If the root of the plant rots, the rotten root shall be cut off in time, and the water shall be changed every 1-2 days, and the plant shall not be transferred to normal maintenance until the new root is germinated.

(cheap 5 inch plastic plant pots manufacturer)Then drip Guanyin is watered and raised like other flowers and plants(large black plastic planters). After treatment, the roots of drip Guanyin will be buried in time, such as in the soil, about two-thirds of which can be buried. First of all, do not bury too deep. In addition, due to the long petioles to avoid rotten roots, Guanyin is often in a weak state due to the careful daily maintenance(9 inch plant pot). In fact, the reason for this is proved to be rotten roots, and Guanyin is watered every day.

There will be some juices dripping out(plastic tree planters). Many Huayou will encounter the situation of watery Guanyin rotten roots, most of which are caused by Huayou's lack of understanding of watery plants. The roots of the pruned Guanyin plants can be washed in clear water. After cleaning the soil and soil, the roots can be disinfected(smart grow bags). The diluted carbendazim or potassium permanganate solution can be directly used to soak the roots. The time is about About 5 minutes, then take it out.

The period of adding nutrient solution in spring and autumn is 10 days, or spraying foliar fertilizer once a week(cell flats). Tap water can be used for breeding in winter and summer. Try to change the nutrient solution from thin to thick, and change the concentration as little as possible. In summer, direct sunlight should be avoided as much as possible(nursery grow bags). Water should be changed once in about 7 days in summer and once in about 10-15 days in winter.(cheap 5 inch plastic plant pots manufacturer)

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