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Ivy, whose leaf color and shape are variable and evergreen, is a beautiful climbing plant(v12 nursery pots), which is used for vertical greening of scaffolding or walls. It is also suitable for indoor potted culture and is also a very good indoor foliage plant. It can be used as potted plant, hanging basket, totem, plastic plant, etc(gallon pot). Ivy is also a cut flower material. The air purification effect of ivy is very good.

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It's very popular to keep a hanging basin to make people feel happy(1 gallon plastic nursery pots). In the second year, the seedlings were transplanted or fixed in spring, and then the big seedlings were cultivated. The roots can be rooted in two weeks or so. Each basin can be cutted at 3-5 Root, can grow into a full plant(seed starting trays). Usually after sowing, the soil is covered with 1cm, and the grass is covered to keep moisture. Under the condition of greenhouse cultivation, cuttage can be used all year round.(cheap fabric 200 gallon container wholesale suppliers)

Ivy, also known as ivy, ivy, ivy, acanthopanax family ivy(1 gallon nursery pots). Perennial evergreen vine. At the same time, Ivy can be propagated by sowing, cutting and layering. And the seeding can be carried out in the south of the Yangtze River and South China. Ivy seed reproduction mainly refers to harvesting when the fruit is ripe, stacking and then ripening, soaking and kneading, seed cleaning and drying in the shade, then sowing(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale); it can also be stored in wet sand, and sowing in the next spring.

(cheap fabric 200 gallon container wholesale suppliers)The stems and vines of ivy are easy to root and propagate by cutting(wholesale plastic garden pots). The stem segments with three bud eyes were cut into loose soil and kept at room temperature of 15-25 ℃ for about one week. In the process of cuttings propagation, blisters are also used for rooting(injection molded nursery pots). Blisters only dip the lower end of cuttings in shallow water to keep the water clean and proper room temperature, and rooting takes place for about one week.

The key to the survival of cuttings is the selection of cuttings and the season of cuttings(plastic plant pots wholesale). It is too tender and too old to be cutted. Each section is 3 sections, 10-20cm long. One or two sections of the base with air rooting are inserted into the culture soil. The substrate of cuttings is sterilized medium sand. The temperature is controlled at 20 ℃, the humidity is 80% - 90%. The plastic film is covered(bulk 20 gallon pots). Before cuttings, 500 times of kuaibao is used to irrigate the roots.(cheap fabric 200 gallon container wholesale suppliers)

At the same time, Ivy will have creeping branches growing(wholesale nursery grow bags). Family propagation is generally suitable for cutting from April to may in spring and August to September in autumn. Management to maintain a high air humidity and scattered light environment. Pay attention to the fact that the cuttings can not be perennial old branches, but should choose the strong growth of young branches(128 cell plug trays supplier), slightly dry the wound can be cuttings, protect the bud points on the cuttings, it is easy to survive.

(cheap fabric 200 gallon container wholesale suppliers)This kind of green plants generally need to choose semi lignified and robust branches(wholesale plant pots suppliers). Creeping branches will produce air roots at the branches and penetrate into the soil. Therefore, it is easy to reproduce Ivy by pressing. The pressing method is to press the stems and vines continuously, which can be pressed on the stems with soil blocks, remove the lower leaves(200 cell seed starting trays), root the nodes, cut the 4-5 nodes after rooting, and transplant when the axillary buds germinate 8-10cm.

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