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Solar greenhouse planting technology is becoming more and more mature(greenhouse pots for sale). Many farmers have chosen to plant eggplants in this way, because the yield of eggplants planted in this way will be higher. Let's talk about how to use the greenhouse technology to grow eggplants(gallon nursery pots). Eggplants are temperature-resistant and heat-resistant, but are afraid of dry heat and cold. The suitable growth temperature is 15-30 degrees.

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It must be maintained at 25-30 degrees for a long time in a day, and maintain a constant temperature difference between day and night degree(plastic pots that look like terracotta). Considering factors such as thermal insulation performance, market demand, and cultivation management skills of growers in a solar greenhouse, choosing planting stubble to make it difficult to manage and manage overwintering(gallon plant pot). In winter, the sunlight in the greenhouse decreases, and purple eggplants are grown.(rapid rooter tray wholesale suppliers germany)

Autumn and winter crops are sown in mid- and late-July, planted from late August to early September, and harvested from late October to mid-January of the following year(large plastic plant trays). Overwinter crops are sown from late August to early September, planted from late October to early November, and harvested from mid February to late June(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Sowing in winter and spring crops in mid-October, planting in mid- and late-January, and harvesting in late February to early June.

(rapid rooter tray wholesale suppliers germany)Early spring crops are sown in mid-January, planted in mid-February, and harvested from early April to mid-June(elfin thyme plug tray). It is recommended to choose green eggplant varieties, such as Xi'an green eggplant and Kaifeng rough green eggplant. If effective supplementary light measures can be taken, purple eggplant varieties can also be grown, such as Beijing six-leaf eggplant and Liaoning eggplant No. 3(black plastic plant pots). After staring at Menga, start to apply fertilizer. 

According to soil fertility, variety characteristics, water and fertilizer conditions, etc.(bulk pots for sale), the number of plants per acre of land is generally recommended to plant 3000-3500 early maturing species, 2500-30000 mid-late maturing species, and more use double-dried pruning (that is, for eggplants above(nursery plant pots), all two Branches, 1 eggplant per branch), timely remove the lower old leaves(72 cell seedling trays wholesale), and leave 2-3 leaves on the top eggplant in time topping.

On sunny days, 25-30 degrees, 22-20 degrees in the afternoon, 18-15 degrees in the middle of the night(4 inch pots wholesale), and 15-10 degrees in the middle of the night, the temperature can be appropriately reduced on cloudy days. Apply 5-6 squares of rotten organic fertilizer as base fertilizer, 2/3 application, 1/3 furrow application(50 cell seed starting trays). After each layer of flower blossoms, add fertilizer, organic fertilizer, cake fertilizer, human feces, etc. (all must be rotted).

(rapid rooter tray wholesale suppliers germany)Fertilizers include ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, urea, potassium sulfate, diammonium phosphate(bulk plastic pots for plants). Wait, apply with water. Use a mixed solution of 0.2% urea and 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate per acre of land and spray it in the appropriate amount at the seedling stage and flowering stage(105 cell seed starting trays). Watering with sub-film under-irrigation technology should be watered on sunny mornings.

With a light blue film or other color film, the fruit of purple eggplant is not easy to color(bulk fabric pots). The amount of water should not be large, to prevent flooding, strengthen ventilation management, and reduce humidity; pay attention to weather forecasts and avoid continuous cloudy and rainy days after watering. Appropriate control of watering at the beginning of the disease(32 cell seed starting trays). To prevent flowers and fruits from falling, flowers are treated with plant growth regulators.(rapid rooter tray wholesale suppliers germany)

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