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Cheap Large Nursery Plant Pots For Sale Mexico

The fortune tree is known as the melon, the alias for the rich tree(200 cell plant trays bulk), the malabar chestnut, the Chinese and American kapok, and the leafy plant of the genus Kapokaceae and the genus Lactuca (the genus Kapok). Origin and habits: The rich tree is native to tropical America. It was introduced from Mexico in 1964 and cultivated in the specimen garden of the Guangdong Academy of Forestry. It has now blossomed(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The sex is warm and humid, and the soil drainage performance is good, and the growth temperature is moderate. The rich tree is not strict with the lighting requirements, whether it is under strong light or in a low-light room, it can be better adapted.

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(cheap large nursery plant pots for sale mexico)Morphological characteristics: The rich tree is an evergreen tree with a tree height of about 10 meters(32 cell plant trays bulk). Palmate compound leaves alternate, petiole length 10 ~ 28 cm; leaflets 5 ~ 9 pieces, leaves long elliptic, entire, tip of the tip of the tip, about 10 ~ 22 cm long, pinnate veins, small petiole short. The flower is solitary in the leaf axils, there are 2 to 3 small bracts, and the flowers are pale yellow(seed starter trays). Breeding technology: The rich tree usually uses seeds to sow seedlings to breed new ones. It can also be propagated by cuttings. Because the seedlings have the characteristics of emergence, straight roots, easy to compile and grow the lovely "radish head".

It has become a popular breeding method for horticultural producers(50 cell plant trays bulk), but at present, a large number of seeds are mainly from overseas, and Hainan can produce a small amount. The fortune tree is easy to breed and can be carried out all year round in southern China. Northern lovers may wish to carry out the high temperature from May to August every year. The cuttings can be cut from the tops or branches of the potted plants, about 10 to 15 cm long, inserted in the low or loam, and the survival rate is high(plastic nursery pots). Compared with the sowing seedlings, the cutting seedlings have the defects that the stems are not swollen or only slightly enlarged, and the seedlings are not beautiful.

(cheap large nursery plant pots for sale mexico)This method is not used in horticultural production and is limited to family fun(50 cell seed trays wholesale). Management technology: Fortune tree requires heavy weight, moderate fertility, soil with good drainage performance, pH 6.5 Zuoji, generally 6 parts of garden soil, 2 parts of decomposed organic fertilizer, 2 parts of coarse sand, or 8 parts of humus soil, 2 parts of Cinder Jade is formulated into culture soil, and the basin or tank is at least 40 cm deep(plastic nursery pots wholesale), which is conducive to the growth and development of the root system. Avoid direct sunlight during the summer, place it in a place with scattered light, and place it in a bright place in the winter.

Keep the room temperature at 15~25°C in winter, and avoid room temperature below 8°C(72 cell seed trays wholesale). Otherwise, cold damage will occur, light leaves will fall, and heavy will die. The rich tree is not easy to be watered too much to prevent water from accumulating in the basin, causing the roots to rot and causing the plant to die. Water should be sprayed onto the leaves every day to ensure that the leaves are green. Appropriate amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can make the stems thick and strong, showing the beauty of the vigorous and simple(black plastic nursery pots). In the spring, the technique should be trimmed to promote the new technology of the stem base, so that the new technology can be easily tied up.

(cheap large nursery plant pots for sale mexico)Appreciation value: The tree of wealthy trees is elegant and colorful(seed planting trays wholesale). In addition to compiling shapes, it can also be used for animal modeling such as deer, dog, sea lion and dragon. It can be used for indoor green decoration in major hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and homes. It is a good garden ornamental tree. The organic fertilizer should be fully decomposed and the concentration is appropriate(plug trays wholesale). Jinhu is strong and strong in disease resistance. However, due to factors such as wetness, heat and poor ventilation, it is vulnerable to pests such as red spiders, scale insects and whitefly. It should be strengthened.

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