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Cheap Plastic 200 Cell Plug Trays Wholesale

Chrysanthemum is not only one of the four famous flowers in China, but also has many varieties(7.88inch plastic plant pots). It can not only decorate garden flower beds, flower mirrors, etc., but also can be planted as potted plants or made into bonsai, which has a high ornamental value. Chrysanthemum is a kind of potted flower plant that is resistant to ornamental. It can also be eaten and has certain health effects(plug trays wholesale). Usually, chrysanthemums are mostly vegetatively propagated, mainly in the four breeding modes of cutting, layering, rooting and grafting.

(cheap plastic 200 cell plug trays wholesale)However, among all these methods, it is most common to breed young plants by cutting, and it is easy to use and easy to survive(7.48inch plastic plant pots). Today, Xiaobian will share the potted chrysanthemum cutting technique for everyone. First, prepare a chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, and then take some branches from the mother plant to make the cuttings(black plastic nursery pots). Usually, the branches cut from the mother are kept in the upper half and cut off from the top to the bottom at about 20 cm.

When making cuttings, we need to consider that at least 1-2 leaf buds need to be retained in the cuttings(6.5inch plastic plant pots), and the top buds need to be retained at the top of the branches. It usually needs to be immersed for 2 hours to be used above. Chrysanthemum also likes loose, breathable and well-drained fertile loam, preferably humus-rich soil(plastic nursery pots wholesale). After preparing the soil, first water the soil to keep the soil moist.

(cheap plastic 200 cell plug trays wholesale)We also need to pour water once, but this time we need to spray the culture soil to wet(6.3inch plastic plant pots), then move the pots and pans into a cool and ventilated place for conservation management. Next, we have to do a good job of shading. It is recommended to make a awning for the cutting seedlings. During the day, we will cover the pots together with the cuttings, and then remove them at night, and at the same time do a good hydration to keep the bed(plastic nursery pots). The humidity ensures that the cuttings sprout as scheduled.

After that, when the leaf buds on the cuttings are found to spit green(5.5inch plastic plant pots), at this point, we must provide appropriate lighting conditions for them. The best time for light is usually in the morning and evening, because the light at these two time points is relatively weak, will not sunburn or sunburn cutting seedlings, should not be lighted and exposed at noon(wholesale nursery pots). When the cutting seedlings are rooted and spit green, we should gradually increase the light for it, and do the transplanting work in the basin in time.

(cheap plastic 200 cell plug trays wholesale)How do you breed chrysanthemums? Soak the cut cuttings with rooting solution(5.9inch plastic plant pots). After all the branches are inserted and the soil around the cuttings is compacted, the watering should not be too much, not too diligent, so as not to cause the plants to grow. Fast and unhelpful to transplant. Then, chopsticks or branches are used to poke holes of 6-8 cm in depth in the culture soil(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Finally, the cuttings are inserted into the holes, and the soil around the cuttings is compacted.

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