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Cheap Plastic 3 gallon Nursery Pots Wholesale California

After the liberation, the bonsai industry in Yangzhou has gained new development(1.5 gallon plant pot). The Yangzhou bonsai artist Wan Jingtang and the Taizhou bonsai artist Wang Shoushan have inherited and carried forward the traditional skills of the Yang school, carefully cultivated some ancient bonsai left over, and retained the typical treasures with characteristics(sowing tray). "Downwind": Tilt all branches of the tree in one direction, as if blowing in the wind.

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The main stem should be inclined in the opposite direction to achieve dynamic balance(plastic plant pots canada). The shape of the pots is mostly in the shape of a manger, a square thousand barrel, a square bucket and a golden bell. In recent years, the styles of pots have become more diverse and novel. In terms of tree cultivation methods, Yangpai used to emphasize sapling cultivation and pot cultivation, with rich layers and fine craftsmanship(plastic plant trays wholesale), but it took too much time.

(cheap plastic 3 gallon nursery pots wholesale california)It is centered on Suzhou and spread to many places south of the Yangtze River(6 inch nursery pots), such as Changzhou, Changshu, and Wuxi. The bonsai of Shanghai and Hangzhou are also affected by it. Suzhou is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, in the waters of Taihu Lake, and has developed water and land transportation(plant germination trays). The climate is humid, the land is fertile, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, and the scenery is beautiful.

This style is mainly used for plum piles. In recent years, Yangzhou has established large-scale bonsai gardens and bonsai production bases, and cultivated a group of bonsai professionals. Innovated on the basis of traditional techniques. The export volume of Yangzhou bonsai is increasing year by year, and Yangpai’s excellent bonsai works have participated in many domestic and foreign exhibitions and received wide acclaim(6 cell plant trays). Although the tree is not high, it has a majestic vigor.(cheap plastic 3 gallon nursery pots wholesale california)

"Dianshi" generally uses hard stones such as English stone, Xuan stone, axe split stone and stalagmite(nursery pots). In the use of pots, the Yang school used to use Yixing purple clay pots. There are no mountains in Yangzhou, and the tree resources are not rich, so many sources are obtained from other places(plant cell trays). Suzhou bonsai became popular very early. When Bai Juyi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, was a prefect in Suzhou, he had poems about rockery.

(cheap plastic 3 gallon nursery pots wholesale california)The scenes described in the poem refer to bonsai landscapes(seed cell trays). Since the Spring and Autumn Period of Wuyue, it has been a famous historical and cultural city in southeast my country. Since the Tang Dynasty, the economy and culture have been prosperous, and the past dynasties have been a gathering place for scholars. Especially the "Wu Men Painting School" of the Ming Dynasty had a great influence on Suzhou Bonsai art(plastic flower pots manufacturers). Su Pai is a bonsai art school named after Suzhou.

A pot of 500-year-old cypress bonsai in Suzhou "Wanjing Villa" is still vigorous and vigorous(greenhouse pots). The composition of the work is concise, the artistic conception is profound, sparse but not scattered, seemingly virtual but real, and it is worthy of being a masterpiece of the Soviet school(50 cell plug trays). In the Qing Dynasty, Suzhou bonsai had become extremely popular, and it was loved by scholar-officials and literati and writers at that time, and it was also popular among ordinary citizens.(cheap plastic 3 gallon nursery pots wholesale california)

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