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In the spring season, all kinds of vegetable crops will be sown and raised one after another before the spring flowers(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The management of vegetable seedling is very important, which is directly related to the quality and yield of the later stage(plant planters pots). What should be paid attention to in each stage of vegetable seedling? Let's understand it together.

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High quality seeds have the characteristics of high purity(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale), full seeds, strong vitality, fast germination, no pests and impurities, so centralized monitoring and identification should be carried out during seed selection. So in order to make the seeds of vegetables germinate quickly, it can be a high germination rate(plastic nursery pots nz). The purpose of seed soaking is to make the seed absorb water and expand, so as to make the water content reach the required amount of germination before sowing.

(cheap plastic hole tray wholesale suppliers)After soaking for a certain period of time, pull it out and dry it before germination or sowing(128 cell seed trays wholesale). The normal temperature of warm water is about 30 ℃, which is suitable for the seeds with thin skin and fast water absorption, such as the seeds of radish, cabbage, beans, etc., which can be soaked for 2-4 hours(15 gallon plastic pots wholesale). At present, seeds are soaked in warm water, generally at about 55 ℃. This water temperature can kill most of the germs carried by seeds.

When seeds are soaked in hot water, they are evenly stirred when they are put into seeds(128 cell trays bulk). When seeds are soaked in hot water, the water temperature is generally about 70-80 ℃. It is generally suitable for melon seeds that are dry, thick testa and difficult to absorb water, such as watermelon, balsam pear and winter melon(nursery containers). This method also has a strong bactericidal effect Generally, the soaking time is 24 hours. It is the most economical, safe and easy way to disinfect.(cheap plastic hole tray wholesale suppliers)

What are the edible effects and taboos of Lycium barbarum(72 cell plug trays supplier)? The seeds can be scalded for about 15 minutes (the thin seeds can be shorter, the thick ones can be longer), which can kill most of the bacteria on the surface and inside of the seeds, such as blight, black rot, nematode, etc(plastic flower pots in bulk). The method adopted by the grower is only 1-5g powder for 1kg seeds, which is very affordable. Seed dressing with medicinal powder is suitable for seeds with small amount and easy to mix.

(cheap plastic hole tray wholesale suppliers)Generally, water, warm water and hot water are used for soaking(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). After we seal the mouth, shake the container evenly to make the seeds and powder mix well until the seeds are evenly covered with powder. The seeds are immersed in the prepared liquid medicine, which is a method of seed soaking and disinfection, with the purpose of sterilization(plastic nursery tray). Before the seeds are put into the liquid medicine, they should be soaked in clear water for a while and then put into the liquid medicine.

Select excellent varieties of Lycium barbarum, and then generally use gauze bag to promote germination(sureroot plug trays bulk). Dry the soaked seeds in the shade, put them into a clean gauze bag, and put them into a suitable temperature environment to promote germination(plastic growing trays). During germination, the seeds should be washed with water 1-2 times a day to ensure that there is enough water and humidity, and the mucus in the seeds should be cleaned to ensure that there is enough oxygen.(cheap plastic hole tray wholesale suppliers)

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