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Cheap Plastic Nursery Pots Wholesale Price Oman

General requirements for environmental conditions: the suitable temperature for seed germination is 20-30 ℃, and the young South can withstand the temperature of - 1-2(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). Since the root group is shallow and the absorption capacity is weak, we should choose loose and fertile soil for cultivation(23cm plastic plant pots). It is suitable for a wide range of illumination and strict requirements for soil humidity. 

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Some excellent varieties of spring h dishes include Shanghai may slow, late black leaf, Nanjing bright white leaf, Wuxi, pianbai, Hangzhou late Youdong, Nanjing April white, Hangzhou silkworm h dish, Aikang 6, aiza 2, etc(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). Some excellent varieties of summer mountain vegetables include heat resistance 1, heat resistance green, heat excellent 2, Chinese workers green stem, green leaf qianbian cabbage, dwarf foot Kui Meng black leaf, er Green 6, Guangdong horse ear, etc(72 cell propagation tray).

Open field cultivation techniques the northern cold land is planted in spring and autumn, such as the reverse sowing in Liaoning in mid April, the next sentence in May and the harvest in June(2 gallon pots); It is sown in the middle and late August and harvested from October to early November(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). It absorbs more potassium and is generally insensitive to phosphorus, that is, the yield increase effect is not significant and it is sensitive to boron. 

The soil with strong water and fertility is the most suitable for growth(12cm plastic plant pots). It is more resistant to acid soil and ammonia fertilizer, which has the greatest impact on Yield and quality. Urea is the best for H vegetable growth, with high yield and good quality(12.5 cm plant pots). Nitrate nitrogen is in the middle, and ammonium nitrogen is relatively poor(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). 6 rows of 1m Wide Brown sowing in the protected area, 667m2, and the sowing amount is 500-750g.

In the south, direct seeding is mainly used in early spring and summer. In autumn and winter, it is generally necessary to raise seedlings, transplant, direct seeding, drill sowing or withdraw sowing(51 cell plug trays). The germinating seeds and green plants completed vernalization after a certain number of days under the temperature T5, and flowered under the condition of long sunshine and high temperature(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). It has strong adaptability to soil.

For example, it is mainly planted in cold areas(heavy duty 1020 trays). When white table is planted in high temperature season in South China, it can be sown in batches to reduce the impact of natural disasters. The seedling shall be sown twice, and the second time shall be carried out when there are 2 ~ 3 real leaves. The seedling spacing is 6-7 cm(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). The seedling stage shall be properly watered and aphid prevention shall be paid attention.

Watering in time after planting to promote its slow seedling(fabric smart pots). In case of rainstorm after sowing and seeds do not sprout, shallow rake immediately after the rain to prevent the ground plate from forming so as to facilitate seedling emergence, and some seeds can be sown at the same time. After emergence, the seedlings shall be properly thinned, weeded, watered and fertilized in time(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). Like strong light(50 cell propagation trays). It is easy to grow in vain without enough light, but the quality is soft.

 The soil is required to be moist, insufficient water, slow growth and poor quality(9cm plastic plant pots). It shall be transplanted about 30 days after sowing, and the plant row spacing is generally 20 ~ 25 cm square. About 150kg urea can be applied per hectare, and l% urea solution can also be used for foliar fertilization(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). Keep the temperature at seedling stage not lower than L5 ℃ as far as possible, and avoid low temperature below 10 ℃ after planting.

The young plants are harvested at any time according to the climatic conditions, growth and market needs(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). The direct seeding seedlings can be harvested in batches. The semi adult seed collection method is to create and sow in the middle of K10 in jiangzhundi, and plant before winter, with high seed yield(11 cm plant pots). Key points of cultivation techniques: greenhouse and arch belt can be used for protected cultivation in the north.

When the outer leaves become pale and the outer leaves at the base turn yellow, it is called from vigorous growth to closed growth, and the heart leaves extend to harvest at the same level as the outer leaves. The yield per hectare is generally 2250 ~ - 600000 kg. The planting field shall be isolated from cabbage, cyanine, mustard and other vegetables for more than 1000 meters(cheap plastic hanging baskets). Annual production in South China(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman).

Seed collection methods include adult seed collection method(v12 plastic pots), semi adult seed collection method, small plant seed collection method, adult seed collection method, autumn sowing, and select excellent plants with the characteristics of this variety as seed plants(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). Cellar in the north, planted in spring, autumn dog in the south, planted in the open field, and pay attention to cold protection and overwintering in Jianghuai area. 

Finally, the temperature should be controlled at 20-25t during the day and about 10:00 at night(15 cell seed trays). In winter, pay attention to cold prevention and adopt multi-layer coverage(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). When necessary, heat it with stove fire(105 cell plug flats). When planting in the south in summer, cover it with silver gray shading net, lay it on the quiet (floating surface) before the seedlings, and cover it with small arch after emergence, with an arch height of about 80 cm.

Therefore, the principle of covering(32 cell seed tray): the top of the vegetables is not allowed to cover the edge, the sunny is not covered with the shade, the day is not covered with the night, the rainstorm cover and drizzle cover are removed for 15 ~ 24 days, and the floating cover with 30 g / m2 Youfang cloth in autumn 1 has a significant effect on increasing production(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). Potted flowers need careful cultivation and careful maintenance. 

The open field sowing time in Beijing can be from around mid March, from late June to early July, from late August to early September(plastic ground cover for weed control). The heading cabbage is suitable for saltiness, strong resistance, easy cultivation, storage and transportation, and high nutritional value(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). It is widely cultivated all over China, Its consumption ranks third among all kinds of vegetables in China. Apply enough base fertilizer and do it carefully.

After exercise, it can withstand the short-term low temperature of - 3 ~ - 8 ℃, the average temperature of seedling growth h is 15-19, and the suitable temperature for growth at heading stage is 15-20c(1 gallon pots). When planting, we should strictly select suitable varieties according to the cultivation season and cultivation purpose(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). There are two cultivation methods for protected area cultivation. One is special cultivation in winter. 

Usually after about 4 weeks, cuttings can take root. After 2 ~ 4 weeks of maintenance, it can be planted separately(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). The appropriate soil relative moisture content is 70% ~ 80%, and the appropriate air relative humidity is 80% ~ 90%(21 cell plug trays). Because the leaves have wax powder, they can tolerate relatively dry air, separate fertilizer and fertilizer, absorb nitrogen, phosphorus and elevation ratio is 3:1:4, and the appropriate soil pH is 6.5 ~ 7.

E should be harvested into a plant(cheap plastic nursery pots wholesale price oman). The single plant is large(98 cell seed tray). Generally, the row spacing is about 15 cm and the plant spacing is about 10 cm. It is to rush to plant a Cui or interplant with the main vegetables before planting the main stack vegetables, or plant it at the front foot of the greenhouse, beside the gable, or beside the arch shed(20cm plastic plant pots). It is mainly to harvest young plants by direct seeding, harvesting in the South or one-time.

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