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The reason why stylized works are unpopular is precisely because of the lack of individuality(plastic plant pots bulk). On the contrary, the more distinctive the personality of the work, the stronger its attractiveness(2 gallon pots wholesale). It should be vigorously advocated and actively encouraged to express the individuality of bonsai authors, give full play to their personal strengths, and promote and promote outstanding bonsai artists and their famous works in creation. 

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Its artistic effect is very good, it gives people a beautiful enjoyment, and is full of new artistic conceptions(wholesale nursery supplies plastic pots). It is well received by the general public. Our bonsai individuals The style is worth promoting(plastic bonsai pots wholesale). Every bonsai author should keep up with the development of the times, according to his own characteristics, continuously improve the artistic accomplishment of literature and aesthetics, and choose his own creative path.

(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers oman)In today's rapid advancement of science and technology, many new technologies and techniques can be used for bonsai, and at the same time, foreign advanced technologies should be absorbed(planting trays wholesale). Clouds do not need to be as thin as paper, they can be tied a little thicker, which is more natural(1 gallon plastic nursery pots). Appropriate use of drooping branches can make the trees look more majestic. Take Yangpai’s "cloud piece" shape as an example.

The traditional style of bonsai can neither be completely denied nor inherited altogether(long life propagation trays). The artistic style of bonsai is naturally formed on the basis of a large number of creative practices, and it is also a sign of bonsai author's artistic maturity. Now I propose the following exploratory opinions on the innovation of bonsai. The use of new materials often plays an unexpected role in the innovation of bonsai art(one gallon pot). This involves the issue of reform.(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers oman)

This is the most important feature of the bonsai shape of the school(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). We can also learn from the essence of western modernist art, but we should give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese art and go our own way to create bonsai works with distinctive national characteristics(1.5 gallon nursery pots). Any tree species and stone material with certain characteristics can be used, and the shape is determined according to different tree species and stone materials.

(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers oman)Our country has a vast territory, and the materials suitable for making bonsai are extremely rich(72 cell plug trays). In the selection of bonsai materials, we can continuously expand the range of traditional tree species and stone species. In the field of horticultural cultivation technology, our working people have accumulated rich experience and skills, but they cannot stay on the existing foundation and stand still(rootmaker propagation trays). This is a unique material condition.

The clouds do not have to be horizontal, they can be inclined or drooped appropriately, especially in the performance of pines and some tall trees(plastic flower pots bulk). For example, the bonsai "Eight Horses" created by Comrade Zhao Qingquan in Yangzhou is his personal innovation. How to inherit and innovate Chinese bonsai is not only a theoretical problem, but also a practical problem(nursery tray manufacturers). Art is most afraid of resemblance, and most afraid of "one face".(cheap plastic plant pots manufacturers oman)

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