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Plastic Nursery Trays For Plants Suppliers Puerto Rico

Bonsai should be large and medium-sized(40 cell plug trays supplier), placed in brick or cement basin base or rack, can also be made of angle iron and cement Bogu rack. In the interior of Western architecture, bonsai can be displayed on the shelves of floor height, on the bookshed, on the desk, on the windowsill, on the sofa and on the top of the decorative cabinet(3 gallon nursery pots bulk), or in the space and top of the combined furniture and on the special Bogu shelf.

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The exhibition hall should be arranged with a simple background(200 cell plug trays supplier). The display of bonsai should have distinct rhythm and varied forms. Most of the indoor display bonsai should be placed alone or in combination, but the quantity should not be too much, let alone in front of the heavy back. The oversized bonsai should be placed in a larger space, which can be viewed from a distance or near(200 cell seedling trays wholesale). The position should be slightly lower.

(plastic nursery trays for plants suppliers puerto rico)We should not only have high and low, sparse and dense, but also consciously place different types, forms and sizes of bonsai at intervals, so as to make changes(104 cell plug trays supplier). In this way, we can receive the artistic effect of "exposing and hiding, moving the scenery step by step, and finding the source from both sides"(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). At the same time, it also increases the effective space of bonsai display, so as to achieve the beautiful exhibition effect.

The bonsai with obvious differences in shape should be put together(1 gallon nursery pots bulk), for example, the landscape bonsai and tree bonsai, cliff type and straight dry type, straight dry type and curved dry type, large bonsai and small bonsai, flower and fruit viewing bonsai and leaf viewing bonsai, as well as different tree species and stone species(5 gallon nursery pots bulk). If you don't need a booth, you can also use a variety of landing stands to put them directly on the ground.(plastic nursery trays for plants suppliers puerto rico)

In addition to the unified style of the background, stand and several, but also try to make the bonsai echo and set off each other(105 cell seed trays wholesale). Bonsai with a few, it is best placed in a special booth, booth height. The booth should be close to the wall, the color of the booth can be deeper, and the color of the background should be elegant(32 cell seedling trays wholesale). As for the front and back layers of placement, they must not be complicated, especially overlapping.

(plastic nursery trays for plants suppliers puerto rico)For example, a basin of cliff style tree bonsai can be placed above, and a basin of landscape bonsai can be placed in the direction of its drooping branches(2 gallon nursery pots bulk), which makes people feel that the trees are the close view of the landscape, and the landscape is the far background of the trees. Another example is a magnificent big tree bonsai(black plastic plant pots), which will give people a feeling from far to near, according to the different bonsai and several decision.

The display of the exhibition should also consider the style and genre of bonsai(32 cell seed trays wholesale). China's bonsai has a variety of artistic schools and local styles, and different traditional habits have been formed in the display of bonsai. The miniature bonsai should be placed on the desk and several seats in the room, followed by a jungle bonsai, and it should be equipped with exquisite small racks(200 cell seed trays wholesale), or several pots should be placed together with a Bogu rack.(plastic nursery trays for plants suppliers puerto rico)

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