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In the process of transplanting, you can't make soup at the same time, your seed must be more than the budget required for the occasional need(black plastic nursery pots). Of course, organic fertilizer is indispensable, and it is a good idea to incorporate certain humus soil. After the soil is soaked in the early stage, it is absolutely impossible to irrigate irrigation(18 cell seed starting trays). You can use the sprayer to spray evenly to avoid the water stains to bring the bacteria to the path.

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In any case, due to the slow growth of eggplant seedlings in the early stage, autumn is usually planted in mid-July(cell trays). In order to effectively kill the surface of the seed and the bacteria that may be carried inside, the seed treatment is carried out before sowing(20 cell seed starting trays). The common method is to first put the seeds in warm water for 3 hours, then take them out, put them into 55 °C constant temperature hot water, and stir for 30 minutes.(cheap polystyrene plant trays wholesale supplier)

In order not to mistake the farm, the soaked seeds are wrapped in gauze, buried in the sand to germination, checked daily and washed once with warm water(1 gallon nursery pots bulk). If coated seeds are used, there is no need to soak seeds, and direct seeding can be carried out directly. The seed coat of eggplant seeds is thick, poor in gas permeability and slow in water absorption(40 cell seed starting trays). After the seeds are disinfected, they are washed clean.

After the water temperature drops to normal temperature, the cherry tomato seeds are soaked for 3 hours, then sowed or germinated(wholesale nursery pots). They should be kept in normal temperature water for 8 to 10 hours to allow the seeds to absorb enough water. The seed is spotted and placed in the center cavity, and one hole is broadcasted per hole, and then uniformly covered after planting 1.0~ 1(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price).5 cm thick seedling substrate.(cheap polystyrene plant trays wholesale supplier)

After germination of the seeds, as soon as possible after sowing, the emergence of seedlings is fast and tidy(plastic nursery pots), strong growth, strong resistance, and is conducive to the cultivation of strong seedlings. The rootstock and scion were seeded with 72 and 105 holes respectively(104 cell seed starting trays). After the disinfection nutrient matrix is filled with the plug tray, the seedling tray is flattened, and the seedling tray is overlapped and pressed out of the central cavity.

(cheap polystyrene plant trays wholesale supplier)After the seedlings are unearthed, the temperature is adjusted by means of air release and shaded nets(105 cell seed starter trays). In order to ensure that the seedlings are neat, the watering must be uniform. Generally, the watering should be carried out in the morning and evening(200 cell seed starter trays). When the rootstock has 3 to 4 true leaves, the ventilation is cooled, the watering is controlled, the phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are sprayed, and the sun is refining the seedlings.

The cherry tomato scion should be sown 25 to 30 days later than the eggplant rootstock or wait until the eggplant rootstock grows out of the second true leaf to make it the best specification for grafting(seed propagation trays). In order to save seed and pesticide input, after the tomato seedlings are harvested, the lateral buds can be cultivated as scions for multi-batch grafting, or directly as self-rooted seedlings(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). When the seeds are sprouting, they can be sown. 

After the leaves are grown, the film is opened to start the seedlings to promote the healthy growth of the seedlings(plug trays). The rootstocks of the overgrown roots are removed from the new leaves to suppress the lengthening. It is not advisable to use plant growth regulation such as paclobutrazol or chlormequat to control growth during the nursery(seedling trays wholesale). This is really because the seedlings are too difficult to keep the seedlings.(cheap polystyrene plant trays wholesale supplier)

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