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Large Black Plastic Planters Wholesale Price Turkey

Then, for the interplanting between support vegetables(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey), such as cucumber interplanting with autumn vegetable beans or spring kidney beans interplanting with Autumn Cucumber, the seedling is pulled by cutting the aboveground part of the front flower, and the disposable support is shared to save the labor of pulling the support and support(15cm plastic plant pots). 

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Generally, intercropping requires more fertilizer, water and higher technology than clearing(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey). Plan before planting(11cm plastic plant pots). In order to obtain the best cultivation effect, sufficient sunshine is essential. The environment shaded plants not only grow slowly, but also difficult to show their own characteristics(20 cell plant trays). Its best viewing period can be up to 10 years or even longer after the seedlings are planted. 

Two rows of cucumbers will be planted with 0.6m, and three rows will be planted with 1m(50 cell plug flats). They will be collected away from the back at the end of March and early April, and the post back row will be changed into an operation track. Feixiao will be planted after cucumber or kidney beans are pulled(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey). After they are collected at the beginning of March, they will be planted in time with a width of 1.6m. 

Yangtze River Basin: after winter and spring flowering Chinese cabbage, spinach, celery, onion, etc(72 cell seed trays). are harvested, eggplant fruits and melons are planted, and beans are transplanted through direct seeding or seedling raising(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey). In the line of detecting and retaining watermelon, interplanting fast-growing leafy vegetables first, and planting watermelon after the harvest of fast-growing leafy vegetables(polypropylene ground cover). 

It loves warmth and is afraid of the cold. It grows well in the temperature range of 16-28℃. The overwintering temperature should not be lower than 10℃, otherwise the plants will easily fall leaves. It can withstand a short-term low temperature of 0°C. The main flowering period is spring(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey). Generally, hemibranchia can be sown by itself(128 cell seedling trays). Even in cold places, seeds can still germinate on the land planted in the first year every spring. 

First of all, in order to ensure that the plants have a better growth and a better appearance, they can be combined with the roots in the spring to turn the potted trees into pots(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey). Planting time: This plant is perennial, its formation is faster, and it is not easy to age(18 cell seed starting trays). If excessive watering during the dormant period, the club tree is susceptible to root rot, and it is often attacked by spider mites in the dry and high temperature. 

If the plant is too tall, consider raising seedlings and renewing them(40 cell seed tray inserts). Without repotting, the formed plants should not be planted continuously for more than 3 years. Landscaping effect: The bat tree is quite drought-tolerant and easy to manage; the plant shape is peculiar and eye-catching(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey). After the previous crop is harvested, the subsequent crop continues to grow(105 cell propagation trays). Repeated cropping can be applied in every home garden.

Eggplant should be 6 years apart, watermelon should be 5 years apart, melon, tomato, peas, Jiaobai, taro, etc. should be 3 to 4 years apart(105 cell seed trays). Main uses: this kind of plant is mostly used for potting and indoor viewing. It is used to decorate places with plenty of sunshine indoors, intercropping according to local conditions, and the effect is quite good(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey). horticultural classification: the stalk tree is a thick stem plant. 

According to one's own family situation, soil fertility, irrigation conditions, etc., thousands of greenhouses: winter celery → spring cucumber → summer rainbow beans and autumn tomatoes(72 cell tray); autumn and winter oyster mushrooms + spring tomatoes and summer rainbow beans; winter cucumbers and spring peppers → autumn Cauliflower; spring tomatoes→summer beans→autumn cucumbers; planting lettuce in mid-December→planting germinated potatoes in mid-February(black plastic ground cover); planting bitter gourd in mid-May→planting broccoli in early August+planting Artemisia annua in mid-to-late October.

Planting Chinese cabbage in mid-December-Seeding soft-pod peas in early January → Planting tomatoes in early May → Seeding artemisia in late August → Seeding lettuce in early October(32 cell tray); winter leeks and spring cucumber; fast-growing leafy vegetables and tomato and one knot Brussels sprouts, one bean; cabbage, cucumber, cabbage, zucchini; water radish → zucchini → kidney bean, cauliflower. 

Northern greenhouse(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey): Overwintering vegetables or spring-sown fast-growing leafy vegetables-solanum fruit, melons-autumn vegetables or solanum fruit regeneration, etc(6 cell seed trays). Intercropping is a cultivation system in which other crops are planted between the rows of the previous crop during the growth of the previous crop on the same farmland(24 cell seed trays). Decorating it in a modern living room can form a sharp contrast with the environment. 

In order not to hinder or basically not hinder the growth of the two kinds of vegetables, try to shorten the period of co-feeding between the back sample and the front column(10cm flower pot). Intercropping is also called intercropping(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey). The interplanting of vegetables with long growth period and short growth period, late maturing and early maturing, slow growing and fast growing can make full use of the land and reduce the symbiotic time. 

The interplanting of garlic, onion and other vegetables(seedling tray 128 holes), such as garlic and onion in autumn or spring, widely uses the sleeping ridge of garlic and onion to interplant ginger, fast-growing leafy vegetables, late eggplant and dwarf kidney beans(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). In warm areas, lettuce camps will be planted in greenhouses in mid December(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey). We should ensure the density and yield of main vegetables in order to obtain higher benefits.

In terms of plant type, the interplanting of tall and short trees, the interplanting of self-reliance and collapse, the interplanting of light and shade tolerance, and the interplanting of lanceolate leaves and round leaves(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey). This can make full use of space and solve the problem of ventilation and light transmission of highly dense planting(16cm plastic plant pot). Lettuce and reed will be planted after they are collected at the end of January.

Deep root and shallow root vegetables intercropping, deep root vegetables can extend to the subsoil of shallow root vegetables to absorb nutrients(pp woven ground cover). The third crop is Chinese cabbage, heading h-blue, carrot, radish, etc., or two crops of autumn Chinese cabbage are continuously cultivated(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey). Cucumber seedlings will be pulled at the end of June and early July, and cucumbers or kidney beans will be planted directly. 

Interplanting of early-growing cabbage, cauliflower and other vegetables(200 cell seedling trays), such as early-growing cabbage with watermelon, 45000 seedlings per hectare of early-growing cabbage, and about 120 (H) seedlings per hectare of Watermelon after frost, or other fruits and vegetables(4 cell seed starting trays). The plant height is 8 ~ 12 cm(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey). Seedling cultivation: this plant mainly propagates by sowing method, mostly from March to May every year.

Push vegetables to interplant with other vegetables, interplant green radish and fast-growing leafy vegetables between leek rows in autumn, and interplant leek in border, cucumber and kidney bean on border ridge in autumn(large black plastic planters wholesale price turkey). Morphological characteristics: perennial fleshy herb. Leaves clavate, apex obtuse, grayish green, fleshy(40 cell plug tray). Horticultural classification: stick leaf flower is a plant with hypertrophic leaves. 

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