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Large Black Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Czech

Beautification effect: the plant shape of the night city is beautiful, and the leaves are durable(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech). Because it covers a small area, it is especially suitable for indoor viewing. When the plant takes shape, every spring, long flowers will be drawn from the leaves and bloom beautiful flowers that give people a sense of novelty(10 gallon nursery pots). Do not water within 2 ~ 3 days after putting into the pot, so as to avoid plant decay. 

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Key points of management: Baolun jade likes dry soil environment(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech). Watering should be controlled in the dormancy stage, and the interval of watering should also be controlled at ordinary times. Pay attention to that the dosage should not be too large(seedling tray 128 holes). It is suitable for its growth in most areas of China, with high yield, low production cost, storage and transportation resistance and long supply period.

Usually no shade is needed, so that the plant can be exposed to sunlight immediately(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech). They are rich in nutrition and good flavor(24 cell seed trays). Chinese cabbage and FH are the most important vegetables in China. Planting years: this plant is perennial and is not easy to age(32 cell tray). H-vegetables have shallow root systems, larger leaf area, and shorter growth time, and can become commercial products in a shorter period of time. 

Morphological characteristics: perennial fleshy herb(128 cell trays). The output accounts for about 20% of the total sales of vegetables(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech). Chinese cabbage ranks first in the per capita consumption of vegetables in the country and the north, Chinese cabbage ranks first in the South and Chinese cabbage ranks third(20 cell plant trays). Pass through the vernalization stage under low temperature, and pass through the light stage under long-day sunlight.

In the non growing season, although the production of protected areas and other vegetables transferred from other places tend to increase year by year, other vegetables still can not replace these two vegetables for a long time(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech). Chinese cabbage mainly takes leaf ball as the product(105 cell seed trays), Chinese cabbage and Wuta vegetable take lotus leaf as the product, and laver vine and cabbage take poor vegetables as the product. 

Cabbage vegetables are annual cultivated herbs of the genus yunmu in the Cruciferae family(18 cell seed starting trays). Cabbage vegetables include heading cabbage, purple cabbage, collard cabbage, hugging cabbage, wrinkled leaf cabbage, bulb cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, mustard, etc. Their names and aliases are shown in the table. Morphological characteristics: succulent shrub(105 cell plant trays). The plant height is 15 ~ 20 cm(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech). Dioecious, solitary.

The chromosome number of vegetables is 2n = 20, belonging to the same basic chromosome group(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech). The hybridization rate among various classes is very high, with the same diseases and pests. Under longer sunshine, it is conducive to tomb pumping, flowering and seed maturation(72 cell seed trays). In the case of dry early and lack of fertilizer, the growth will be poor, the yield will be reduced, and the quality will deteriorate. 

The more serious diseases are downy mildew, virus disease, soft rot, black spot, etc. the pests include aphids, Pieris rapae, Plutella xylostella, vegetable butterflies, ape leafworms, yellow striped beetles, etc(pp woven ground cover). The influence of disastrous weather can cause the spread and prevalence of diseases and pests, and the climate has an impact on the abundance and failure of Chinese cabbage(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech).

Bairong vegetables originated in temperate regions(15cm plastic plant pots). Mild and humid climate and sufficient light are conducive to growth. The suitable monthly average temperature is L5 ~ l8t ', the temperature at seedling stage is slightly higher and the temperature at later growth stage is slightly lower, which is beneficial to growth(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech). It originated in China and has a long cultivation history(black plastic ground cover). It is very suitable for the eating habits of our people. 

Fine soil preparation, timely inter-cultivation to keep the soil loose(14 cm plastic plant pots); fertile soil should be selected to obtain higher yields(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech); timely irrigation to maintain 70% to 80% relative moisture content of the upper soil; should be avoided when cultivating large vegetables and H vegetables in spring Low temperature through vernalization, so as not to lose the edible value of smoking a certain. 

Since the cloth balls are dioecious, in order to obtain seeds, the female and male plants should be put together to ensure the smooth progress of pollination(50 cell plug flats). Chinese cabbage and Chinese cabbage are generally biennial plants, which form leaf bulbs or leaf clusters in the first year, and bloom in the second year(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech). However, under special cultivation conditions, they can also bloom and bear fruit in the same year.

The female spheroid is oblate; the male spheroid is cylindrical, 8~12 cm in diameter, with 8 edges, with blunt teeth on the margin, gray-green with reddish-brown stripes(10.5 cm plant pots). Cymes; flowers are small, yellow-green. Thistle fruit(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech). Flowering from March to April. Main purpose: This plant is an indoor potted flower, suitable for beautification by placing it in front of windows, balconies and other places with sufficient sunlight. 

Choysum and laver, which use vegetable storage as a product, rely on stricter temperature requirements(72 cell seedling trays). Nori grows well at around 10°C, and stunts growth above 20°C. Choysum develops best at 1520°C. Laver base is more cold-tolerant than Caixin. Gardening classification(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech): Cloth balls are thick stem plants(10cm flower pot). Seedling cultivation: This kind of plant is mainly propagated by sowing method, mostly in March to June each year.

Because its juice is toxic, care must be taken during management to avoid children's contact. Seeds are ready for seedlings in 3~4 weeks under the condition of 20~25℃(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech). can also be used to grow seedlings by grafting, and most of them use the king's whip as the rootstock(40 cell seed tray inserts). The cloth ball can grow well in the environment of sparse shade to strong yang, but it should be shaded during the high temperature season in summer and autumn.

They are semi-cold-tolerant vegetables, can tolerate frost, and can tolerate a short-term low temperature of -8°C during the seedling stage(200 cell trays). The cold and heat resistance of cabbage subspecies is stronger than that of the big one(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech). -10t low temperature, but not heat resistant. Shading for 2 to 3 days after potting can make them gradually receive normal light(200 cell seedling trays). The top-cutting method can also be used to raise seedlings. 

Colonization method: potted plants, when the seedlings are about 1 cm high, they are planted, and the cultivation container can be the top-quality bucket(50 deep cell plug trays). The top of the plant is cut off and inserted. This method produces fast seedlings, but the reproduction coefficient is not high(large black plastic plant pots wholesale czech). Cultivation substrate: The pot soil used is made up of leaf rot, coarse sand, and garden soil, and their ratio by volume is 1:2:1.5. 

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