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Lavender Germination Plug Trays Wholesale Canada

Appropriate pruning of eggplant is beneficial to the formation of good individual and group structure(propagation tray), improving ventilation and light transmission conditions, and improving photosynthetic productivity. Therefore, in the cultivation of protected fields, in order to increase the density, improve the results, and properly concentrate the results, pruning is often carried out(seed starter trays). There are single dry pruning and double dry pruning, and the latter will be used more.(lavender germination plug trays wholesale canada)

 This ensures that 5-7 fruits are harvested per individual plant(plug trays). It is to keep strong branches when the eggplant is tillered every time, and the plant growth period always maintains a result branch. Double dry pruning means that when the eggplant plant is first tillered, two branches are kept growing at the same time, and only one branch is retained each time the branch is branched to remove the other branch(wholesale greenhouse pots), so that the two growth branches are retained throughout the growth period of the plant.

Generally, the growth period is long, and the three dry branches are still after the emergence of the eggplant(gallon plant pot). The cultivated eggplants in the open field are generally not pruned, and the growth and results of the branches are preserved according to the branching habits of the eggplant. The shoot growth and flowering habits of eggplant plants are quite regular, and the adjustment method is relatively simple(greenhouse supplies pots). During the pruning period, after the stalks are stabilized, all the axillary buds that occur under the stalks are removed.

(lavender germination plug trays wholesale canada)The natural happy pruning method belongs to the double dry pruning method(cell trays), and two symmetrical branches which are obliquely grown or horizontally grown are retained at each branch, and the remaining branches, especially the vertical upward branches, are removed. After the stalks and the four female stalks are stabilized, the lower axillary buds are all removed(plastic grow pots), so that the nutrients can be concentrated for fruit development need.

Eggplant is a continuous bifurcated branch, and each leaf axil can be bred with side branches(gallon nursery pots). If left to grow naturally, the branches and leaves will grow. The eggplant leaves are thick and large, and the extinction coefficient is extremely large. The eggplant plants under the growth of the eggplant plants, due to poor ventilation and light transmission, will not only cause long plants(flat plastic tray), nutrient waste, frequent disease, poor fruit coloration, but also affect continuous long-term results.(lavender germination plug trays wholesale canada)

The other line uses the standard double dry pruning method. 1, 2, 3, 2, 2...(black plastic plant pots) When the pruning method is used, among the four branches above the eggplant, the results of the three suitable branches are selected, and after the three fruits (they are actually four female eggs) One of the four four-female eggplants is planted on the same branch, and two leaves are topped, and the lower side branches are removed, and the other eggplant is left with one branch to continue the result(15 gallon nursery pots wholesale). 1 branch has a four-mother eggplant.

In addition to retaining the main stem(square nursery pots), the first side branch and the second side branch under the eggplant are retained, and the main stem is added with two side branches for a total of three branches. Remove all. After the fruit is set, each branch still chooses one branch to continue the result, and the rest are all removed(20 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Only 3 fruits are attached to each layer, and they are kept until the star of the sky is the last fruit, and 1 to 3 leaves are topped on it.

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