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Some people like the peony flower of the national color, but I like the green radish(square grow pots). The tropical rainforest area of the green radish origin, it is suitable for wet, loose soil, fertile, well-drained environment. Extremely shade-tolerant, it can be placed in the four seasons indoors. Green radish is a good absorbing formaldehyde, and it has a high ornamental value. It can beautify the environment and purify the air(105 cell seed trays wholesale). In fact, green radish is a kind of body-friendly medicine.

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The leaves that grow out of green radish are tender green, like a newborn baby(large plastic terracotta pots). The leaves that grow up are dark green and green, with large palms and a love heart. The branches of the green radish are like hunchback husbands, as if they are afraid that the leaves will fall behind. The stems of the green radish are long and strong, like a tall, strong man holding a whisper(sureroot plug trays bulk). The roots of the green radish steadily plunged into the soil as if to let the roots and leaves grow. A few days ago, pay attention to changing the water. 

Green radish, which is the most intimate potted flower, is not expensive and is good to raise(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). It is a kind of lazy plant. Hydroponic green radish is a kind of vine flower, its stem is very soft, connected with leaves, the leaves are green and delicate. If you like the rustic style, you can put the hydroponic green radish on the top of the living room furniture, let it grow naturally and hang down, spread around, like a natural, green waterfall dotted between them(200 cell seed trays wholesale), very beautiful. If the root system is too long, it should be cut short. 

(oem small plastic plant pots manufacturer)Leave a leaf and a bud point for each segment(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Choose a healthy, strong, green-rooted stem with 15 to 30 cm each. Remove the blades at one or two sections below the base. Put the branches into a basin filled with water, and cover the light with a film or paper cover on the top and sides, which is beneficial to rooting(plastic cell trays supplier). Pour half a bowl of water into the basin, sprinkle with half a packet of rooting powder, drop two drops of vinegar, and soak the cut green radish for about 6 hours.

Slowly under the effect of rooting powder, water roots can grow in about ten days(nursery plant pots). Change the water in two or three days. After the roots of the water grow, you can change the water once a week. After the leaves are grown, the nutrient solution is added every ten days, and the diluted nutrient solution water can also be sprayed onto the leaves. Over time, the branches will grow long roots(gallon pot). At this time, you can transfer the soil! The root system should pay attention to frequent cleaning and repair.

Prepare loose and breathable nutrient soil, bury the new roots of the branches into the soil, pour water, and store them in a cool and ventilated place for 1-2 weeks(plastic plant trays wholesale). Gradually see the light and start normal maintenance. In addition, green radish can also be inserted with top bud water(cell trays). The method is: cut the tender stems from 20 to 30 cm into length, insert them directly into the bottle of Shengshui water, change the water every 2 to 3 days, and root for more than 10 days survive.(oem small plastic plant pots manufacturer)

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