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How to grow a taro? How to manage it during the taro planting process? Here, I will share some questions about taro planting(plastic hanging baskets). The first clear developmental habit of Shantou: Shantou likes the development of warm and humid, the most suitable development temperature is above 20 degrees(128 cell plug trays), and the period of underground bulb formation requires the daytime temperature between 25 degrees and 30 degrees.

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The lack of water will lead to the poor development of the taro bulb(5 gallon pots). Shantou can be aquatic and can develop in dry land. Hydroponic steamed buns can choose to stop planting in paddy fields and ditches. The taro planted in dry land must be planted in a moist soil zone(small plastic pots for plants). The second thing to do well before planting: Pre-planting preparations include: selection of taro varieties, soil preparation, germination and so on.(9cm small square plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

In general, there will be a month or so of the time to go to the mass market of Shantou(3 inch succulent pots). The tolerance to negative is better, and the water requirement is higher. Generally, the varieties of steamed bread grown in different regions will differ a lot. In this way, the requirements for the soil are not high, and the soil water retention is good(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Then the soil layer covers the seed buds, and the buds are slightly exposed to cover the mulch. 

From the ecological aspect of Shantou, Shantou is divided into two types: water raft and drought and flood(2 gallon pots wholesale). Common species of taro include red stem mites, white stalks, nine scorpions, and sputum scorpions. At the time of selection, the growers must stop making choices based on local planting conditions(50 cell plug trays supplier), and choose those taro varieties that are well resistant, adaptable, highly market-receiving, and multi-sex. The temperature will be kept at 20 degrees. 

(9cm small square plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)In terms of fertilization, Shantou is more like fertilization(plastic starter plant pots). It uses 4000 to 5000 kg of organic fertilizer per acre, 30 kg of potassium sulfate, and 30 to 40 kg of superphosphate. The base fertilizer is ploughed with the soil and turned deep into the soil. In order to germination, the hoe must be prepared for germination and germination before planting(seed starting trays supplier), so that the hoe can be germinated as soon as possible after planting, and the disease is reduced.

The taro will be dried for about 2 days, then stop germination, and the taro will be discharged on the side of the germination(4 inch plastic pots bulk). Generally, the taro bud will grow to about 1 cm in about two weeks. The third good seedling management thing: when planting the taro, pay attention to the seeding density(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). According to the variety and soil conditions of the taro, the number of taro seeds per acre is generally suitable from 4,500 to 6,000.

It is necessary to do weeding before and after emergence, and insist on moist soil(one gallon pots). After the seedlings are broken, artificially help to break the membrane and avoid the situation of sunburning the seedlings. Check if there is a shortage of seedlings and replenish the seedlings in real time(32 cell plug trays supplier). The fourth scientific field governance: things here are important to explain three aspects that must be paid attention to: fertilization, watering and soil.(9cm small square plastic plant pots wholesale supplier)

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