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Small Plastic Succulent Plant Pots In Bulk France

Lycium barbarum is a deciduous shrub of Solanaceae and Lycium barbarum(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). There are many varieties of wolfberry. Suitable for making bonsai is wild wolfberry (commonly known as "earth wolfberry") that is widely distributed in various parts of China(plastic plant containers). It is a plant that has been growing for many years, is dry and quaint, and is a good tree species for making bonsai.

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Goji berries are a kind of high-tolerant fertilizer(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). Lycium barbarum seedlings are divided into two methods: seed sowing and seedling cutting. Prepare the nursery ground before nursery. The construction of nursery land is the same for both nursery methods. The wolfberry nursery land should be selected on the flat sandy loam soil(large plastic garden pots). It is necessary to establish a good drainage and irrigation system to facilitate diversion irrigation during drought and low rainfall.(small plastic succulent plant pots in bulk france)

The groundwater level of the seedling field is required to be below 1.5 meters, and the soil salt content is below 0.2%(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). Then the growth of wolfberry in the seedling stage is directly related to the application of base fertilizer before seedling cultivation. Generally, one or two people fix one end, another one spreads the film, and one shovels the soil to hold the edge. Finally, the film is covered(cheap succulent pots). In the picking nursery, the female tree is about 0.5-1 cm thick and fully lignified.

Fertilize the nursery, apply 500-700 kilograms of organic compound fertilizers per mu(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). Then prepare the ground for deep turning: first, deep turning and levelling should be carried out, and the soil depth should be between 20-25 cm, in order to facilitate the future growth and development of the seedling root system. Seed nursery is generally carried out every spring(4 inch plant pots). The nursery ground will be a flat bed with a length of 4 meters and a width of 2 meters.

On a flat bed, draw a straight line and open a trench along the straight line(19cm plant pots). Every 40 cm, open a row of shallow trenches 2 cm deep as seeding holes. Next, when sowing, add fine river sand equivalent to 6 to 7 times the amount of seeds, mix the seeds, and then sprinkle them into the sowing holes to make it as fine and uniform as possible(1.5 gallon pot). After sowing, in addition, cover the prepared lazy organic compound fertilizer with some soil in the planting hole, not too thick, and finally, use solid feet.

(small plastic succulent plant pots in bulk france)The seeds are brought into close contact with the deep soil, and sowing is completed. We need to clear the soil on both sides of the seeding hole(20cm nursery pot). The purpose of removing these coarse-grained soil is to prevent them from rolling into the hole, pressing the seed, and hindering the seed from germinating(small plastic pots). Leveling the soil in this way is also conducive to cover film to increase ground temperature. When covering the film, it is performed by multiple people.

In places where the temperature is suitable, no film is needed for sowing(v23 plastic pots). The time for hardwood cuttings to grow seedlings is generally from the end of March to early April in spring. The first thing to do before cutting is to determine the female ear picking nursery(plastic flower pots for sale). In the wolfberry orchard, select plots with good varieties, good growth, and no pests and diseases, and use them as the female picking nurseries for hard cuttings.(small plastic succulent plant pots in bulk france)

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