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Lotus root people taste aquatic vegetables with high nutritional value and delicious taste(planting trays wholesale). Practical and various methods such as frying, stewing, boiling and frying are very popular dishes. In fact, lotus root planting method is very simple. The following is the detailed cultivation method. Early varieties(72 cell plug trays supplier). The plant height is 110-130cm, the leaf diameter is about 70cm, and the flowers are white. There are 4-6 nodes in the main lotus root.

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The nodes are short cylinder shape, even and thick(plastic plant pots). The weight of a single whole lotus root is 2.2-2.5kg. Every 667m2 in mid July. The yield of green lotus root is about 1500kg, and that of dry lotus root is 2000-2500kg. Early and medium maturity varieties(15 gallon pots). Generally, the early maturing varieties have middle and short tube shape between nodes, 5-7 nodes of main lotus, the weight of single whole lotus is about 4kg, and the weight of main lotus is about 2.4kg.

(plastic 20 gallon plant pot manufacturers peru)Harvest from late June to early July. Medium variety(1 gallon pots). The plant height is 160-180cm, the leaves are nearly round, the surface is smooth, the leaf radius is about 36cm, the petiole is about 1.9cm thick, there are many flowers, and the flowers are white. The shape of the nodes of the lotus root is medium short cylinder, and the nodes are even(10 gallon pots). The main lotus root has 6-7 nodes, and the weight of a single whole lotus root is about 3.5kg.

The yield of dry lotus root is 2500-3000kg per 667m2(black plastic flower pots). After spring lotus root, the length of the leaves is about 66cm, the number of sub lotus root is few, the length of the main lotus root is about 51cm, the average number of internodes is 2.3, the internodes are long and cylindrical, the length and the transverse diameter are about 20cm and 6.7cm(7 gallon nursery pots), respectively, light yellow, the skin is smooth, the meat is sweet and crisp, suitable for fried or raw food.

Keep the water depth over 10cm during winter(plastic plant pots wholesale nz). After summer lotus root, there are about 69cm leaves, 1-2 sub lotus root, 62cm main lotus root, 3.3 internodes on average, 18cm internode length and 7.5cm transverse diameter, light yellow. The growth periods of spring and summer lotus were 76 days and 75 days respectively(blow molded nursery pots). The yield of spring lotus root and summer lotus root per 667m2 were 1500kg and 2000kg respectively.(plastic 20 gallon plant pot manufacturers peru)

In spring lotus cultivation(v11 nursery pots), the whole or sub lotus with the characteristics of variety, complete top bud, fresh color, no damage of diseased spot, thick body and more than 3 sections is selected. In the early stage of summer lotus root planting, in case of high temperature above 35 ℃(72 cell seed trays wholesale), it is necessary to irrigate deep water for protection to prevent scalding buds and promote the early growth and rapid development of seedlings.

The main lotus root has 5-7 nodes, 120-150cm in length, 7-8cm in diameter, thick tip nodes and deep mud(9cm pots). At the beginning of July, the yield of green lotus root was about 1500kg per 667m2, and that of mature lotus root was about 2000kg in August. Steel frame and bamboo frame shed can be selected, including 8m steel frame and 6m steel frame shed(5 gallon pots). The petiole is 140cm long, the leaf is elliptical, the leaf diameter is 75cm, and the flower is white with red tip.

(plastic 20 gallon plant pot manufacturers peru)The plant height is about 180cm, the petioles are thick, the leaves are nearly round(v12 nursery pots), and the flowers are white. 300-400kg seeds are used every 667m2. Before planting, lotus root was soaked with 25% prochloraz EC, and then planted after the liquid medicine dried. After transplanting, the summer lotus root was treated with 50 kg compound fertilizer in time(72 cell propagation trays wholesale). The main diseases are blight, brown spot and putrefaction.

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